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Friday, June 13, 2008

Super Cute Poodle Puppies For Sales

My friend's pet poodle just gave birth to 5 poodle puppies. Since she already have two poodles, and can't take care of 7 poodles all together. So, her family decided to put the poodles up for sales. Anyone interested to be the owner of these cute little poodles?

I want my mummy.

Hey I'm here first.

Mm.. taste like chicken.

Weighing 3 kg, the brown poodle.

Hey who turn off the lights?

Aren't they cute or what? Chio cute lor. Selling for RM 700/each. Interested buyer can email her at

This is another community service announcement brought to you by Simon Says. OMG I kissed a guy here.


Kenny Choo said...

So fluffy! Look like cotton balls.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

so cute..nice to see..nice to take picture..but not nice to take care larr..keke

Anonymous said...

Wow, I think we have a common friend here. Mich Voon!!

Shell (貝殼) said...

agree with joe^^ nice to see and play but really difficult to take care

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the publicity Simon! =)

And know Simon?

s.kuan said...

wuwuwuwu wish i could take one

Anonymous said...

So cute !! I want !! But too bad I'm in Kuching :(

babychyu said...

kawaiii neh ~~~~~~
fluffy doggie ~
i wan i wan i wan
too bad babychyu got no money ~
cuci pinggan can ?

Simon Seow said...

kenny: yeah so fluffy

joe & shell: if you have the heart to keep it then it won't be troublesome at all.

tan kiasu: yeah, she's my high school junior.

michelle: welcome. never met kiasu in person, knows him through blog but sooner or later will meet him.

kuan: if you don't have kobe and pau that is.

Rose: u can ask michelle whether got shipment or not lol.

chyu: got money also no time to take care la you so busy.

Anonymous said...

omg...they look like teddy bears!
so adorable! =)

-popjammerz- said...

yaya they are very cute!!!!
mY cousin has one too and at first I tot it was a baby sheep!!!!

hey...i'm wondering whether to buy or not.cute sial!

Precious Pea said... so cute. I hope they find good home soon.