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Friday, June 6, 2008

Some Randomness in Mid Valley City

Quite busy with Project Trafford so not much updates. Here's some randomness today I got from Mid Valley City.

Camwhore in the toilet in the Gardens, wtf.

Had lunch in Cova, the Gardens. Full review later.

I think I saw Cindy Tey in June 08's Female Magazine. This is not Cindy.

Some recommendations from Maxis Broadband on what to wear to the Wild 'Live' Blogging party.

Okay. That's all for now. Update more on Sunday. Oh it's Friday already. Woot! For you guys who work 5 days week.


Falcon said...

Nice Camwhoring in the gardens

s.kuan said...

LOL i took a photo in garden's toilet. look exactly like urs LOL

choi yen said...

u also like to camwhore? hehe :P

Simon Seow said...

Falcon: Thanks, their toilet not bad.

Kuan: LOL, we think alike.

mimid3vils: yeah, got influenced by a lot of female bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Eee.. I think I've one similar camera like yours. Got it from EOE for RM249.50 *LOL*

Anonymous said...

LOL. are you trying to be a bimbo blogger now. haha. camwhoring in the toilet!

super funny!