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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Zealand Natural Ice-cream Cooking Workshop

Simon Seow: It's the 2nd day of CNY. How many ang pow you got already?

I got a call from Jen and she inviting me to go to a cooking workshop in Cooking House, which is to use New Zealand Natural ice-cream to make dessert. I, of course happily accepted the invitation.

I didn't quite know the exact location of the venue. Luckily I knew that WMW is going to the workshop too. I called her, and she handed the phone to Teckiee. Thanks to them leading me, I finally able to reach Cooking House. We bumped into David and Jen at the entrance.

Teckiee and WMW already started to take pictures once we reached there.

The ingredients that we'll be using.

My favourite ice-cream. Favourite flavour is Rum & Raisin.

Chef Lee will he the one guiding us.

What's in store for us.

Chef Lee demonstrated to us how to make the base for the ice-cream dessert, which is the chocolate sponge cake and butterscotch cookie. We were then split into 5 groups of 5. FBB, WMW, Teckiee, Precious Pea, BabeKL and I in one group. Having a master baker in our team is a real advantage because he actually delegate works to us, and we work kind of fast. I get to separate the egg yolk and egg white. It wasn't too difficult at all. Our chocolate sponge cake didn't taste quite right because of some flavouring mishap but our butterscotch cookies is one of the best tasting.

Cream made from egg white and sugar. It should stick to the bowl even when the bowl is put upside down. Made by FBB of course.

Look nice but taste er...

Shape weird but taste nice.

After all the baking was done. Chef Lee proceed to show us how to make use of the base to make the dessert from New Zealand Natural ice-cream.

Making Mango Heaven using NZN Mango Sorbet and NZN Mango ice-cream.

They actually pre-made some of the dessert so it's time to taste it all.

Mango Heaven

Mango lover will love this, it's not too sweet nor too creamy. Slurp.

Walnut Butterscotch Surprice

That's the surprice in the middle.

Black Forest cake made from the chocolate sponge cake and NZN BoysenBerry Dream.

Tiramisu, made using NZN Caffé Espresso.

I have never eaten so many New Zealand Natural ice-cream at one go and in such an intresting way too.

Teckiee wanted to be NZN's ambassador.

Joshua, Yat and Serene were there too but they were in another group.

One will not get bore with New Zealand Natural ice-cream because they always come out with new flavour. I have yet to try the Durian Flo which is made of real D24 durian mixed with vanila ice-cream. Heard from FBB the taste is awesome. I will use the voucher given by NZN to taste it and of course my all time favourite, Rum and Raisin. Thanks New Zealand Natural.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Launch

Simon Says: Today is CNY's Eve. Wish all of you a great reunion dinner and a Happy Chinese New Year. I'll be in Klang Valley because I was born, bred and live in KL.

This is quite a late post, there's been too much activities that I need to blog about but got hold up by other posts. Two weeks ago I went down to Pavilion KL for the launching of the new Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. It comes with 3.2 MegaPixel camera, 3.5G, wifi, bluetooth, and most attracting of all, touch screen feature. The screen is in HD size too. One of my colleague already bought it even before it this launching. Current RRP is at RM 1,499. I think with the spec and feature, this price is really worth it.

Nokia invited a group of percussion performer named StrikeForce all the way from Singapore to perform in the launch. I shot a video of them performing 'wet percusion', hitting drums with water flowing out on top but I was having problem uploading it to Youtube.

Besides StikeForce, there's also a group of hip hop dancers to get the groove and mood up.

Of course the artists of Nokia IAC were there to perform too.

Those Two

There were some bloggers that I know were there too.

Nigel, David & Aaron.

Soon Seng





Almost the end of all the performance, I went around the backstage and StrikeForce were packing their stuff. I manage to took a picture of their customized "water drums".

Water Flowing Drums

I later adjourned to La Bodega where another group of bloggers were having dinner and drinks, courtesy of Nokia of course. I'll save that for another post.

Who doesn't <3 Nokia?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

KFC Zinger Tower

Honestly speaking, I'm not a fan of fast food. There's only a few fast food that I like and will never get bored of ordering when ever I patron a fast food restaurant. When I go to KFC for a quick meal, the food that I always order is the KFC Zinger burger. Just can't quite get it that restaurant to specialized in chicken can make such delicious burger.

I was in 1 Utama walking about when I saw this. As if a Zinger is not enough, now they have Zinger Tower. Since, I am a Zinger's fan, something like this I of course won't miss. In, I go and order myself a KFC Zinger Tower.

Already decorated for Chinese New Year.

I ordered an ala carte KFC Zinger Tower (RM 6.60 excluding tax) because I don't quite fancy carbonated drinks. There's also a Zinger Tower combo (RM 15.90 excluding tax) which consists of 1 zinger tower, 1 regular pepsi max, 1 mango pudding, and 1 zinger time watch.

Nice packing.

The difference between KFC Zinger Tower and the normal Zinger is that there's an additional hash brown added to it. While it is not as tall as shown in the board outside the KFC outlet. The size is bigger than normal Zinger.

KFC Zinger Tower

Biting into the KFC Zinger Tower took me quite an effort because I don't really have a big mouth (no pun intended). The Zinger fillet gave a dash of spiciness like the KFC Hot & Spicy chicken. The hash brown combining with the cheese, Zinger fillet and the chili lime sauce seems weird but tasted delicious nevertheless. One thing is that adding the hash brown to it makes the whole burger very fulfilling. I like the chili lime sauce very much, wish I can have more of it.

See me devouring the KFC Zinger Tower in the video below:

I like more of the delicious chili lime sauce.

RM 6.60 ++ for a KFC Zinger Tower is very affordable and very fulfilling. One of this baby can last me until the next meal. Ah, another good Zinger series from KFC. Will surely order it again if I drop by KFC the next time.

Rating: 3.75/5

KFC Zinger Tower in half.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


If I had an ABSOLUTE EXTREME life then I won't be getting my kicks from eating chili pan mee in Kin Kin, instead I'll be eating insects in Bangkok. Ah, well, even though I don't have enough dough to fly to Bangkok. I can always come to Kin Kin for some kick. Behold, the ABSOLUTE EXTREME spicy chili pan mee.

Three big spoon of the really spicy dried chili flakes will really get some kick in me.

The stuffiness in the restaurant due to the ever full tables added the extra perspiring factor.

The crowd.

The white pan mee turn to red hot pan mee after mixing up the dried chili flakes. Bon appetit.

I found out that the three big spoon still doesn't give me any extreme kick. Never mind, add one extra spoon of dried chili flakes.

This is what I call extreme.

Oh my god. I think I've over done it. My lips are now like burning sausages. Instant Angelina Jolie's lips without the need of a plastic surgery.

Sweat started to comes off me like water falls.

Then my lunch date started to complain. "Ew... what's that smell, Simon ?" "Oh oh, it must be the sweat that's upgraded my BO to version 3.0", I thought to myself.

It is time to take out my secret weapon. The Rexona Men Absolute Protection deodorant roll-on, which fits nicely in my pocket.

Applied it on both of my arm pits. Ah, refreshing. No more BO, no more sweat.

And Zoe Yve is not complaining anymore.

The texture of the pan mee here seems not as springy as the one in Super Kitchen. Nevertheless the taste is not bad at all and the dried chili flakes does not has the burnt taste as in Super Kitchen. Standard size RM 5.50 per bowl (Rexona Men Absolute Protection deodorant not included). The service here is still as bad as ever and the boss is so arrogant. I still prefer Super Kitchen, I come here for the free sauna only.

Rating: 3.75/5


40 Ground Floor, Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman 1,
off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 016-3728069

Google map here.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Simon Says: MDG2 Beautilicious Contest

Simon Says: It's been a while that I didn't patron COCA for the steamboat and the yummy pineapple fried rice. Hope that I can win the COCA GONG XI Giveaway and go there to taste it again.

For those of you that think that I am getting paid for being the official blogger for Malaysian Dreamgirl 2, you're wrong. The official bloggers don't get pay but instead we will be invited to the auditions, the shooting, the Dream House maybe, and etc. It's an experience money can't buy. On top of that we will so be given goodies worth RM 500. I was given part of the goodies when I went for the auditions in KLCC Impiana Hotel & Spa.

So, here's what's in the goodies bag I got from the auditions.

1. InTrend Magazine January 2009, the Official Magazine of MDG2. The winner will get a spread on the magazine.

2. RM 50 Marie France Bodyline Product voucher, RM 50 Svenson Hair Care voucher and RM 50 Bella Skin Care voucher.

The vouchers will be quite useful for me, I'm obese, so Marie France might be able to help me, I'm starting to show baldness at the forehead, so a treatment in Svenson might help slow the process, and some of you knows that I go for facial treatment so the Bella Skin care will be useful too. The problem is for RM 50 in these 3 center won't really get me anywhere near the result I wanted so I'll have to top up hundreds or maybe even thousands of ringgit. So, I'll just scrap the plan on using these vouchers.

3. Escada Incredible Me perfume. Ah, something that I can use or maybe not. The smell is very nice not too heavy. I heard that this is a fragrance for female. I don't really have problem about this because I used to use my sister's perfume when I was younger. Nah, I'll just give it to my cousin sister as her birthday present. Her birthday is on January. Save money kekeke.

4. Wella Professionals - BioTouch balanced anti grease shampoo. This is something that I really can use. I have very oily hair. Even working for 12 hours in an air-conditioned room, my hair will still get very greasy. This shampoo really comes in handy. This came to me in the right time because the Wella Professionals - BioTouch balanced anti dandruft shampoo that I got from Ringo is almost empty.

Yes. I need to regulate my greasy scalp.

5. The last but not least goodies are Beautilicious liquid lipstick, instan eyeshadow and eye shadow refill. Since I don't do part-time as a drag queen, these 3 cosmetics is of no use to me. So, this is what I will do.

These Beautilicious cosmetics will be given to the one that can answer this question, "Which shorlisted contestant in the MDG2 Auditions KL leg said that Andrew Tan (CEO of AndrewsModels) is very good looking?" and complete this sentence in less than 20 words, "I love Beautilicious cosmetics product because...". The one with the correct answer and the best sentence will win the products shown below. The answer can be found here.

Email your answer and and the completed sentence to yyseow[at] with the subject "Simon Says: Beautilicious Contest".

Contest closed on 26/1/2009.