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Monday, January 12, 2009

Malaysian Dreamgirl Audition at KLCC Impiana Hotel & Spa

Intan aka MalaysianSuperMummy, Andrew, Satkuru and I were invited to the Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2 audition which is held in KLCC Impiana Hotel & Spa last Saturday. As one of the official blogger of MDG2, I was allowed to be in the auditioning room when the audition is running. Click here for my full report on the audition.

As for this post, I'll post up the people I met during the audition there. The first one to greet me is Dennis, one of the crew member of MDG2. He's very friendly.

The very friendly Dennis.

This is the backdrop in the auditioning room, where the girl auditioning will stand in front of.

HP an Intel is the main sponsor this time around. The winner of MDG2 will drive away a Chevrolet Aveo Lux 1.4(A), RM 10,000 cash, HP Pavilion Notebook, RM 1,000 worth of products from Beautilicious cosmetics, RM 1,000 of Escada fragrance, RM 1,000 of Wacoal lingerie, RM 1,000 of Marie France Bodyline vouchers, RM 1,000 of Bella Skin Care vouchers, RM 1,000 of Svenson Hair Care vouchers, a spread in InTrend Magazine, exclusive AndrewsModels portfolio, and RM 500 of Wella Professional hair products. Nice!

Julie Wong (CEO of Beautilicious), Elaine Daly, and Andrew Tan (CEO of AndrewsModels) are the judges for the audition in Kuala Lumpur.

Jerad (CEO of Capxion Media) was seen briefing the judges for the audition this round. At this time, there's already more than 30 hopefuls waiting in the waiting room.

Kenny Sia happens to be in town for the Youth 09 event, and he dropped by the audition around noon. He's one of the online judges. We then had lunch. Buffet style. Slurp.

Nice lunch, the food here is not bad at all.

After lunch, a bunch of bloggers dropped by too for a visit. Diese happens to come back from Penang to her parents' house in Bangi. She's the official MDG2 blogger from the Northern Region.

Diese, me and Dennis. DSD?

Tock Tock brought Zoe Yve here to meet Kenny. LOL. No lah, just kidding. Zoe Yve forced her friend to go for the audition because she's not old enough yet to register for the audition. So, Tock Tock drove her and her friend here.

Kenny looking for a new job from

Tock Tock bumped into an old nemesis.

Claudia, the infamous ShitZoe and me.

Aaron and Joshua also came by. We're a noisy bunch in the reception area. I think that's usually what you get when a group of blogger get together.

Surprise of the day. Fiqa came to look see look see too. It's been quite a while. She's very busy nowadays. We do lunch ya when you are free, Fiqa.

The other online judge for MDG2 came all the way here after her speech in Youth 09. Joyce aka KinkyBlueFairy, this is the first time I see her after she shaved her hair for charity. Her hair worth RM 20,000 yo!

Lovely Joyce, me and Julie.

That's all for now. Want to see the girls that came for the audition? Click here mate.


Anonymous said...

Elaine Daly sounds awefully familiar. TV personality?

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! HB, she was the Miss Malaysia/Universe laaa (I think year 2004).
Simooooonnnn.... Finally manage to chat with u. Nice meeting u that day.. XD

Anonymous said...

Stephanie made it to the Closed Auditions eh? Guess I'll see her next month then. :)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Official blogger eh? Congratulatoins :)

Simon Seow said...

Diese: Nice meeting you too. May we meet again.

HB: wah you damn nice lor can go to closed audition

Julian: thanks.

§pinzer said...

it's like deja vu over again lol

nice to meet everyone there!

Simon Seow said...

Tock Tock: yeah, met ShitZoe again in just one day.

Unknown said...

When you go lunch with Fiqa remember to tag me along ya? Hahahahaha....XD

.:Leeming:. said...

hi simon...great write up!!!thx for changing it.Maybe I was nervous at that time and speak too softly =)

Zoe Yve said...

Second time I saw Joyce live! First time was Republic opening with Lapsap performing, uh yeah.

Anonymous said...

Hey Simon Is me dennis remember me..Wow u posted my picture..and i look damn ugly hahahah mind to send it to me ??