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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Launch of GAB "The 9 Grand Treasures for the Year of the Dragon"

I've been attending a lot of beer events lately. Just last week I was at GAB's The Tavern for their launching for "The 9 Grand Treasures for the Year of the Dragon". I invited my date Jiayeen along with me because she haven't been to The Tavern before. After registering ourselves, we were given a very heavy goodies bag.

No wonder the goodies bag is heavy. Inside there are 8 cans of GAB's beers. 2 Guinness Foreign Extra, 2 Anchor Beer, 2 Heineken and 2 Tiger, two decks of playing cards and a dozen Guinness red envelopes. From the looks of these items, you would have guess that this promotion has something to do with the coming Chinese New Year in 2012.

The campaign kicks off on 15 December 2011 and will run right through to 6 February 2012. As part of the campaign, consumers of GAB’s iconic brands will have a hand at winning a 1-kilogram Golden Dragon statue, eight pieces of 100-gram Gold Dragon coins, and cash prizes that add to a total value of more than RM3.3 million.

To win the Golden Dragon statue and Gold Dragon coins, consumers just need to check the caps of any big bottle Tiger, Guinness, Heineken or Anchor, and look out for the colour of the bottle cap liner which will determine the prizes that they have won. The are 10,000 prizes each for CNY Playing Cards, cash RM0.99, and RM9. 1000 prizes for cash prize RM99, 100 prizes for 5g Gold Dragon coin, 10 prizes for 30g Gold Dragon coin, 8 prizes for 100g Gold Dragon coin and of course 1 grand prize, the 1KG Gold Dragon statue. There is a high chances to win something for everybody.

With the price of gold at it's height now, it's a good investment to try to win the gold dragons.

GAB’s 9 Grand Treasures for the Year of the Dragon: the 1kg Golden Dragon Statue and eight 100g Gold Dragon Coins

Ms. Yap Swee Leng, Marketing Director of GAB and Mr. Charles Ireland, Managing Director of GAB with the 9 Grand Treasures for the Year of the Dragon
Okay. Enough of the gold. Too tempting. That night I met Samantha and Tim again. Last I saw them both together was at a Tiger Beer event.

Samantha and Tim.

Samantha, me and Jiayeen.

Girls look more beautiful if the photos were taken using my Nikon S8100 digital camera as concurred by Samantha =P. Someone says my post only show pictures I took with girls. So, I'll show you some of the guys I met that night too. LOL.

It's been a while that I didn't bump into Robb.

Ah Bok as usual will bump into him in a GAB event.

So, remember from 15th December 2011 onwards till 6th Febuary 2012, go to any restaurant and buy a big bottle or two of Guinness or Anchor or Heineken or Tiger and you might hit the jackpot by winning the 1KG Gold Dragon Statue.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

顺利虾面 Soon Lee Prawn Mee, Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur

Back in the days when The Store in Jalan Ipoh was called Gold Shopping Mall, my parents will always bring me and my sister to eat the prawn mee at the makeshift stall walking distance from the mall after doing our shopping. 顺利虾面 Soon Lee Prawn Mee has been doing business here for more than 15 years.

Last Friday while I was waiting for my car timing belt to be changed at a nearby workshop I went to have a bowl of their popular prawn mee. The nice aroma of the broth from prawn shells can be smelled even before I stepped into the zinc roof stall.

The stall seems to be the same like I remembered it 15 years ago except that the prawn mee used to sell for RM 3 to RM 3.50. Now it's selling at RM 5 to RM 5.50. Yes, inflation is the king.

For me, what makes a good bowl of prawn mee is the broth. There's no shortcut here. One taste of the soup I can know that it was cooked using a lot of prawn shells and pork bones. Second is of course the condiments like the kangkung, prawns, pork slices and last but not least, fried shallots. Missing any of it will not do for a good bowl of prawn noodle. I added sotong to my regular bowl and it cost me RM8.

I will say that this is one of the best prawn mee I tried so far outside of Penang. It can beat a regular prawn mee in Penang if not the famous one. On the kiosk, one can see that a lof of popular artists from Hong Kong will drop by for a bowl or two whenever they come to Malaysia. Be prepared to wait for a long time if you come by around dinner time because it will be packed!


顺利虾面 Soon Lee Prawn Mee
Jalan Batu Ambar Off Jalan Ipoh,
Taman Kok Lian, Kuala Lumpur
(Walking distance from The Store, Jalan Ipoh)
Google Map here.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kronenbourg 1664 Pre-Party of MIFW2011

Last week I went to Zeta Bar, Hilton KL for the Kronenbourg 1664 Pre-Party of MIFW2011. One of my favourite French beer. I tried the Blanc and found it a bit to citrus-sy. So, I stick with the original. By the way, MIFW2011 is on going now from 21-27 November.

Met some my my hot blogger friends there.

Everyone says hi to:

Oh, the finalists for Miss Universe Malaysia 2011 were there too. I managed to take picture with some of them. ;)

These are the models from Amber Chia Academy. I heard they are competing in a contest during MIFW2011.

Of course the principal of Amber Chia Academy was there too that night. She's as friendly as every.

It was a fun filled night and lots of good beer. Even Esther and Louise agreed with me =P

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Starbucks Card Grand Launch Party

Starbucks fans, most of you would have know by now that the Starbucks card is finally here in Malaysia. Last week I went to the launching of Starbucks Card at The Curve. During the launching day, Starbucks there will be giving out free Starbucks Card that was preloaded with RM10 stored value to the first 100 customers that queue up for the card. I heard the queue started around 4 p.m. and they only starts to give out the card at 7.30 p.m. when the launch party is launched :p

Customers queuing up to get the free Starbucks Card. I didn't notice Michelle noticed me taking the picture :P I only found out that she posed for this picture when I was editing.

As for me, I don't have to queue up because I was invited as a blogger there. I got the preloaded Starbucks Card once I registered myself at the blogger registration counter :p At 7.30 p.m. sharp the party is launched and Starbucks cards were given out to the first 100 customers that queued up.

We were kept entertained with performances like dance, singing and fire show.

Didi, the 1st Runner-up of Malaysian Idol Season 1.

In between the performances there were lucky draw sessions, food and free flow of Starbucks coffee and tea, graffiti and Best Picture contest on going. Instead of shouting out the name, mobile number was dialed to seek the lucky draw winner. All will get Starbucks Christmas merchandise except for the grand prize which is a Starbucks Card preloaded with RM500 stored value, which is the maximum value one can top up the card.

I didn't win the lucky draw but I got one more Starbucks Card by answering a simple question of "What's the minimum value to top up the Starbucks Card?", which is RM20 of course. Yeah, I can has two Starbucks Card now. I will have to register my Starbucks Card in so that I can have more privilege like getting a free Grande after purchasing 10 drinks using my Starbucks Card or get a free Grande when I purchase a Starbucks tumbler. Also, be sure to put in my birthday correctly because I will get a surprise birthday gift from Starbucks on my birthday. For more information about the other privilege of owning a Starbucks Card click here.

It's free, so I can't choose the card design.

Bumped into Tziaaa there. She's so tall with her high heels.

RED FM DJs, Mynn and Linora.

Prize giving time.

The couple gets the 1st prize for the Best Pose picture voted in Starbucks MY Facebook Page.

Lucky draw grand prize winner. Can't wait to use his Starbucks Card :P

There you go Starbucks fan. At last the Starbucks Card has reached our shore. On the side note, the Starbucks 2012 Planner is out now, make your way to Starbucks to get it. Oh, also, the Starbucks Card can only be use in all Starbucks in Malaysia, so don't go swipe your Starbucks Card when you are oversea :p

Monday, November 14, 2011


Last Thursday, I was invited to join a Tiger party celebrating all things sailing impending of the annual Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta. We were brought to the Royal Selangor Yatch Club in a coach from GAB Brewery for the party.

This is the 2nd time Tiger Beer sponsoring this annual sailing competition. This time around, Tiger also added a Tiger Challenge Trophy. What's special about Tiger Challenge Trophy is that, all IRC yachts regardless of their classes will compete for one distinctive trophy. The Tiger Challenge Trophy will be awarded to the IRC boat and skipper with the best offshore passage race performance, based on the lowest points score. The offshore passage races are run from throughout the Regatta passage; Port Klang to Pangkor, Pangkor to Penang and lastly, Penang to Langkawi, which is the last stop for the Regatta.

Sean Koh 郭进顺 (right), Marketing Manager of Tiger, presenting the Tiger International Challenge Cup to be awarded for the “Best Offshore Passage Race Performance” to Dato Alex Nah (left), Commodore of the Royal Selangor Yacht Club

This is the first time I've been to yatch club. Of course besides food there's also loads of Tiger Beer and Tiger Beer Crystal available to us all. Nothing like a having bottle of Tiger Crystal while the breeze from the sea is slowly blowing on my face.

Also on hand for the second year running is the arresting sight of Captain Shane Granger, owner and master of the Historic Sailing Vessel VEGA, which was docked during the event just off-shore. The magnificent vessel and crew is to transport press and public relations personnel and VEGA will be present during all races. Built in 1892-93, for over 100 years VEGA carried cargos of bricks, building stone, pig iron, and cement through some of the world’s roughest seas. Rugged enough for the North Sea and certified for Arctic trade, VEGA was famous for her strength and ability to carry loads other boats her size could not.


Best of all, I get to go onboard Vega to have a tour of this 120 year old sailing vessel. The wood finishing is really of high quality. We get to go down into the cabin too. While it's not very big inside, all the things that needed is available like kitchen, bedroom, and washroom.

It's nice to hear the stories told by Captain Shane Granger. About how Vega sailed to an isolated island that don't even have the basic medical kits for maternity. So, Captain Shane will bring back the necessity on the next trip to the isolated island.

Captain Shane telling us his sailing stories.

Of course, the most fun of all is that I get to mingle with my fellow blogger friends.

Jessica that I didn't see for a long time and pretty Samantha K.

Huai Bin finding out more about Vega and the stories.

Joshua Law, Spinzer and Botakai were there too but I didn't get to take picture with them. Maybe it's because I was busy taking picture of Samantha wtf.

It was a fun night with friends and booze of course. Too bad we have to depart back to GAB so early because the coach came to fetch us back at about 9.30 p.m. Well, all the best to the 22nd Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta. Smooth sailing all!


For more information please visit Tiger Beer Malaysia.