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Friday, August 31, 2012

Grasso Coffee

On the way to my sister's place, we took the MRT from Changi to Simei. We need to take a bus from Simei in order to reach my sister place. While my sister went to fetch my niece and nephew from their kindergarten, she bought me a latte from Grasso Coffee and asked me to wait there.

Grasso Coffee is your local coffee shop with a twist. They serve your local Nanyang kopi and gourmet coffee. I asked one of the co-owner are they using Italian coffee bean for my latte (because Grasso is an Italian name), he told me that their coffee bean is from Australia which is milder than Italian to cater for the local taste bud.

True enough, once I took sip of my latte it's not as bitter as the coffee I made in my office, which uses Segafredo coffee bean. Grasso is mostly cater for on-the-go customers, there's only one table there or you can choose to sit at the counter. Pricing wise is quite affordable. My latte cost SGD$3.30 (about Starbucks' tall size).

Grasso is your friendly neighborhood cafe, student gets 10% discount and they are very friendly and know most of their customers.

There's light snack available too, very good for those that needs a quick lunch or light tea time. My niece seems to like their Ham and Cheese Crossaint very much.

Old school on one side.

Modern coffee machine on the other.

According to the co-owner, Anthony, what's the meaning of Grasso. He told me that it means fat man in Italian and the logo is based on one of his partner that is a quite stout.

To help lessen the stress on the environment, customer is encouraged to reuse the paper sleeve by giving rebate on the next coffee if the same sleeve is reused.

If you happened to be at Eastpoint Mall, then you can come a try out the coffee from Grasso which is just in the row of  shops next to the mall. I will say that it taste as good as Starbucks if not better.


Grasso Coffee
Blk 248 Simei Street 3
#01-132 S(520248)
Email: GrassoCoffee[at]gmail[dot]com
Facebook Page: Grasso Coffee FB

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Itacho Sushi (板長壽司), Terminal 3, Changi Airport, Singapore

Hello everyone. I've arrived safely in Singapore although the flight is not exactly a smooth ride due to minor turbulence because of bad weather. Once I've reached Terminal 1 and switch on my mobile phone, I got a SMS from my sister telling me to take the shuttle train to Terminal 3 to meet her for lunch at Itacho Sushi (板長壽司).

For those of you that watches programs from Hong Kong TVB would be very familiar with Itacho Sushi because they are the sponsor for some of the TVB's popular game show such as the Super series (将门人). Itacho Sushi is owned by Taste of Japan Group from Hong Kong. It seems that recently they've expanded to Singapore. I didn't get to try it when I was in Hong Kong but hey, I can do it now in Singapore.

I started off with Avocado Crab Salad SGD$6.30++, I'm a fan of avocado and salmon roe. If I see the item in the menu has any of these two ingredients, chances is high that I will order. Very refreshing salad, the avocado is nicely ripe. The only downside is that the crab meat is not real crab meat -_-

Cod Fish Liver SGD$9++, yums. Although it's not as creamy and flavourful as the Ankimo (Monk Fish Liver) that I had in Tomton but still this not too bad.

Currently there's a promotion on Yellow Tail (Hamachi). One piece of Yellow Tail nigiri sushi only cost SGD$1.90 instead of SGD$2.40. I tried the one with Black Truffle Sauce. Hamachi itself is already a nice fish, with the black truffle sauce, it's just added a new dimension to it.

Uni (sea urchin) SGD$8.20++ and Ikura (salmon roe) SGD$3++ gunkan sushi are my favourites. I will say that the uni and ikura here are fresh. 一乐也.

Last but not least, Wagyu Beef Roll SGD$13.60 (I forgot which prefecture the beef is from, most definitely not Kobe). It's not easy to find beef sushi in Malaysia, cooked one yes but not raw beef. Never thought beef sushi can be this nice even my mom and sister give a thumb up. Tender and fresh.

Overall, the quality of the food here it good albeit the so call crab meat. Price is quite reasonable for the quality ingredients it's serving. Go for their promotional items and one can saved up quite some money.

Itacho Sushi
Outlet 1 : ION Orchard #B2-18, 2 Orchard Turn
Outlet 2: Plaza Singapura, #02-35, 68 Orchard Road
Outlet 3 : Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street, B1-05
Outlet 4 : Changi Airport T3, 03-30/31
Outlet 5 : JCube 02-35
Singapore, Singapore

Today 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

Monday, August 27, 2012

H-Artistry Is Back in KL on 8th Sep 2012

Hello there KL clubbers. If you previously weren't able make it to the H-Artistry in Penang in June. No worries because on the 8th of September 2012, H-Artistry will be back in KL. The upcoming H-Artistry party is set to take place at KWC Kuala Lumpur, promising an eclectic mix and a phenomenal super-clubbing experience.

One of the attraction in this H-Artistry is the 360 degree panoramic video at the Hennessy 360 Cam where you and you friends can take picture just like the video below. I've experienced it first hand during the event here.

Fun asides, what about the artist line up this time, you asked? Here you go.

This instalment of H-Artistry will be headlined by international vocal powerhouse and EDM (electronic dance music) siren Eva Simons, Jakarta’s cult-status DJ Angger Dimas, as well as Kuala Lumpur’s fast-rising electronic dance nu-breeds B.A.T.E. (Brain And The Eye). The night will charge on till the end with the hard-hitting, hipster-worshipped duo Mr.Nasty & GuruGuru (a.k.a. Bass Agents).

Be sure not to miss out on H-Artistry this September by watching this space for more information: H-Artistry is open to those above 18 years of age and non-Muslims only.

Where is KWC Kuala Lumpur?

KWC is located on Jalan Gelugor, and is accessible from Jalan Hang Tuah and Jalan Loke Yew. KWC is also accessible via public transport. H-Artistry will take place at the exhibition and promotions hall on Level 15.

By LRT: From Putra line (Kelana Jaya[KJ24] or Terminal Putra Gombak[KJ1]), interchange at Masjid Jamek[KJ13] to STAR line, disembark at Hang Tuah LRT station[ST3]. By Monorail: Disembark at Hang Tuah Monorail station[MR4].

KWC @ Level 15,
No. 2, Jalan Gelugor, 55200 Kuala Lumpur,

Google Map Link:
GPS Coordinates: 3. 136207. 101. 708183

Let's party!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Oh Em Gee! Today is my birthday!

Woah. Time flies. I'm officially 33 already today. I don't remember what I did when I was 22 wtf. Yesterday night went to dinner to celebrate because one of my colleague has the same birthday as me but he's a year younger. Never in my live had I known someone that has the same birthday as mine. My youngest nephew nearly has the same birthday as mine because my sister then told me that the expected labour date was 17th August 2011 but she told me it's always a week earlier based on past performance. Yupe, she's right about that.

We went to Restoran Greenview in Section 19 Petaling Jaya to have dinner after work. I brought the Glenmorangie Astar that I got from Glenmorangie Malaysia to celebrate this with. This is a very good Scotch Whisky from Glenmorangie even my boss agreed on. Too bad, it's limited production so even if you have the money, you might not be able to find one.

Ordered their Four Season Dishes, which is very nice and fresh ingredients were used. But it's a bit too pricey. This cost us RM130. Gulp. Should have asked for the price before we order =P

Greenview is famous for it's Fresh Udang Galah noodle (生虾生面). We ordered one with four big fresh prawns. We gave it a two thumbs up. Saw on the wall there are pictures of Lin Dan and his wife Xie XingFang ate here before with the Chinese badminton team. This cost us RM170.

Need to have some vegetables to balance up the meal. The captain recommended stir-fried young lotus root, pine nuts, celery and mu er. Quite refreshing.

Continued with pork ribs and half of a roasted duck. The pork ribs is nice but the roasted duck is meh.

Sorry for the blur picture. I must have too much Astar already when I took this picture. Honey glazed squid. Crunchy and the sweet taste is just right. Very good dish to go with whisky or beer.

Had very good time chatting with colleagues after work and not talk about work. Oh, do you know that Hyuna also wished me Happy Birthday. You don't believe? Watch the video below.

I swore to you that I heard her sang, "Oopa Simon Seow". Okaylah. Shiok sendiri.

How young was I then in this old picture? Can't remember lol. By the way, this is my last year birthday post, 2010, 2009, and 2008.

Happy Birthday! To me!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Today I'm supporting August 14 Internet Blackout Day in protest to Section 114A of the Evidence Act that was passed by parliament, this amendment means anything posted on the Internet even if it's posted by others that is deem seditious or defaming another. We the owner of the media, network or account is guilty of posting that said comment or information. The burden of proof is bear by the accused instead of the prosecutor like what is commonly practice. For example, if anonymous left a comment that is deem to defame certain VIP in my blog, 114A enabled the VIP is sue me even though I was not the one posting the defaming comment but because the comment is posted in my blog, I need to proof my innocence. This is a law that works the opposite way of innocent until proven guilty.

This not only works on blog. Your Facebook, Twitter or social networking tool on the Internet will be affected. Even if your wifi was leeched by someone that posted something seditious, you'll be the one that bear the consequences. You can read more about this draconian act here. We'll be living in the fear of even using the Internet, let's get this amendment repeal.

Friday, August 10, 2012


I was knocked out from 10 pm till 1 am after dinner with beer and red wine. Not feeling sleepy after waking up at 1 am, I decided to stayed up to watch the Women 10m Diving final, which Malaysia National Diver Pandelela Rinong had a go for a medal in it.

She started with a poor dive but did great in the other four, especially the crucial final dive that gave her the points to overtake the others. The points is so close for the silver and bronze medal. A few favourites did badly in the final dives that cost them their points. The results is not what was expected except for the gold that went to China's Chen Ruolin, whom is consistently doing high score in high difficulty. Silver went to 16 year old Australian diver, Brittany Broben and Bronze of course is won by our very own Pamg Pandelala Rinong. You can see that Chen Ruoling is just competing with herself, is about 56 points different between her and Brittany. It's a close call for Pandelela, whom won Melissa Wu of Australia just by 1.1 point. Phew!

#TaniahPandelela, not only you won the bronze medal but you've created history to be the 1st Malaysian female Olympic medalist and the 1st non-badminton Olympic medal ever won by Malaysia.

A genuinely happy smile on her face when she's step up onto the podium during the medal presentation ceremony. Once again we see Jalur Gemilang being raised in the London Olympics 2012.

She got to be at the International media photography session along with Chen Ruolin and Brittanny Broben.

Thank you Pandelela. Thank you Chong Wei. This is the best gift ever you both to give Malaysia for Hari Merdeka.

Monday, August 6, 2012


I went to Laundry Bar just now to watch the much awaited Olympics Badminton Men's Single Gold Medal match between Dato Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan. It's fun to watch it with so many Malaysians together. Thank you Samsung Malaysia for organizing this viewing party and Nuffnang for the invitation. The area I was sitting is filled with familiar bloggers.

Here with fellow blogger, Saimatkong, whom by the way is Simon Kong lol. Behind us is the Nuffnang Malaysia Country manager, Nicholas Chay.

Anna won a Samsung Beam from the lucky draw. Damn lucky girl. She's already using a Samsung S3.

There's free face painting provided, so I had a Malaysia flag painted on my face.

Then it's time to buka puasa. We need our energy to support Lee Chong Wei.

Although Samantha didn't wear the Samsung polo T-shirt but her eyes are blue colour too.

Lee Chong Wei didn't disappoint us and took the 1st set but he fell on the 2nd set and lost very closely with 21-19 on the 3rd set. No matter what, you make us proud Dato. You don't have to apologize for the lost, a silver is very good. This is Olympic, it's a dream of every athlete to get a medal. Besides, you've gave your best in the match.

Lee Chong Wei tweeted,"I'm sorry" from his twitter account after he lost the match. He will be the one that is most disappointed.

On the side note, his twitter account followers from 14K two days ago became more than 90K after the match. That's shows that Malaysian are all behind him.

#ThankYouChongWei was once top trending tag in Twitter.

Even though, it's a bit sad that LCW didn't win the gold medal but I think Dustyhawk is very happy to won himself a Samsung Galaxy S3 from the lucky draw. He's on a winning streak. He just won the new iPad not long ago.

Here's an interview of Lin Dan after he won the gold medal. He told the reporter that Lee Chong Wei is his friend outside the court and it was maybe because Lee Chong Wei has a injury two months ago that disturbed LCW's training routine that gave him a little bit of advantage.

So, actually guys. Lin Dan is not that arrogant as heard by some of us.

Here's an interview of China CCTV station with Lee Chong Wei. The reporter told LCW that he did very well in the match.

Once again, #ThankYouChongWei for giving us a great badminton final and congratulation on getting an Olympic silver medal.

Stolen from
In celebration of Dato’ Lee Chong Wei’s inspiring sportsmanship, "Samsung Malaysia Electronics" announced that it will be offering a 10% discount for the Samsung GALAXY S III on Wednesday, August 8.

The one-day promotion is limited to one unit purchase of Samsung GALAXY S III per customer and is only available at 35 Samsung Elite Partner (SEP) brand shops nationwide. For location details of Samsung Elite Partner (SEP) brand shops, please visit