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Sunday, December 30, 2007

On Standby

Did I say that I don't have to work tonight? Well, you can scrap that off because I was called in to standby for my colleague tonight. Ya, I'm working now. That's my line of work, have to be on standby. Bought a ticket to watch National Treasure: The Book of Secret and was called in. I finished the movie of course, I can come in late.

***banging head on the wall, thinking to self,"I shouldn't have bought the ticket of I Am Legend for 9.20 pm. There goes my RM 10"***

6 Days Off

Will be going off in one more hour. Am hungry now. Ok, I'll be eating smoke salmon omelet in Coffee Bean, Mont Kiara as my dinner (breakfast). Will be off shift until Saturday. See y'all in the MidZone Countdown 2008 Party on the 31st.

Wishing All A Happy New Year!!!

CONGRATULATIONS! (MidZone Countdown 2008 Blogging Contest)

Hooray! Alas, I got the email confirming that I've won 2 tickets for the MidZone Countdown 2008 in the Boulevard, Mid Valley. Now I know where I'll be in New Year's Eve. Who should I ask to go with me? Anyone interested?

P.S. Thanks Kimberly.

Prosperity is Back

Just came back from my lunch (supper). Ok, it's my supper but I'm working night shift tonight so dinner will be my breakfast, supper will be my lunch and breakfast will be my dinner. Went to McD's in Damanlela to have Beef Prosperity Set. Saw the ads on newspaper yesterday and were craving for those black pepper gravy with onion on beef patty.

I ordered a large set comes with the Twister Fries as usual. This year, McD's changed the drink to Jasmine tea instead of the normal soft drinks from the set. It is a good change indeed because I just read SewJin's post on how bad is soft drinks for our body like 2 hours ago. I like the Jasmine tea which is lightly sweet. I don't like the normal soft drink that's why I always order Coke Light in McD's but give me Jasmine tea anytime. For dessert McD's is introducing the Red Bean sundae and Red Bean McFlurry. I didn't have dessert, not in 1 a.m. in the morning just too overly sweet for me. Ok, enough of the McD's, back to work.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Need A Pen

One of my friend always say, "A man without a pen, is not a man". Don't really know what he meant. Ever since I switched to technical support from sales, I don't see myself having a pen with me wherever I go. (I'm not a man then?)

Back in the sales day, a pen is a very essential tool. Imagine, you've go the deal seal, just need to filled up the insurance application form (ya, I was a financial planner) and found out I don't have a pen with me and my prospect don't have one either. Then Mr. Prospect suggested we do it on another day. Tomorrow Mr. Prospect give me a call saying, "I've think about it after our appointment and I feel that I don't actually need the insurance, maybe next time. Thanks anyway." Ah, there's goes one deal.

Now in technical support, I only have to use the keyboard and mouse so pen is not essential. Having a pen will always come in handy, say like filling up deposit form (ya I know you'll all will say please use the cash deposit machine). Hey, paying my car loan is like RM 436 and I don't want to pay the extra RM 4 to make it RM 440 to be bank in using the cash deposit machine. Every ringgit counts, that's a plate of chicken rice for me. I don't have a saving account with the bank that I took the car loan with, so can't do online transaction.

In short, I need to buy myself a pen. Maybe a Mont Blanc, ;). Nah, too expensive. I don't want to buy a ball pen because I can lost it very easily. A Parker will be nice. I think the cheapest Parker only cost like RM 15 and it look presentable. So, anyone out there have better suggestion?

Friday, December 28, 2007

Starting A Whole New Chapter

Something was wrong with my's blog. Can't seems to edit the template files thus can't paste any codes.

So, here I am in Give me time to transfer some of the blog I backup in Multiply to here.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas' Eve Party @ KY's

Yesterday me and my buddy Justin went to the open house party organized by KY. This is the first time we go to an open house party organized by a blogger. In the party we got to know a lot of new friends. Some of them are very familiar faces to me but never met them personally. I stalked their blogs LOL.

Some of the famous blogger that were there are Suanie, FA, Cheesie, Kimberly, Skyler, Esther C (Chin) lol she don’t like to be call EstherC, Shaolin Tiger, Thai Boxing Girl, Albert, Nicholas, Alicia, and other bloggers that I can’t remember their blog URL. Sorry guys.

It was fun meeting the bloggers there. It’s like I’ve known them for so long (reading their blog) and now can meet them in person. I downed like 6 bottles of Tuborg (courtesy of Carlsberg and KY). Sorry, I don’t have a digital camera so there’ll be no photos on my post. If you wanna see some nice pics you can go to the blog of the bloggers that I’ve mentioned.

Would like to thank KY for organizing this party. Had loads of fun, especially the gift exchange sessions. Some of the bloggers are so creative in choosing their gift. Some of the gifts are a pack of adult pampers, a mobile toilet tools (from Suanie), and piece of cake (looks more like shit). Great fun! Will look forward to next years party.

So, after Christmas, it will be New Year in a week. I have plans to go to the Midzone Party in Mid Valley, if I win the tickets. If not then, I might have to stay home and play WOW. So, wish me luck. Last but not least, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Birth of Noah

No, I won't be writing a bible story here about Noah. This morning at 6.20 a.m. my sister gave birth to baby boy (my nephew). His name is Noah Lim (haven't got the Chinese name yet from my beloved sister and brother-in-law).

Weighing 3 kg, both my sis and the baby are in a healthy state. So, now my sis got a 1 year old daughter and a son, which makes a Chinese character (好) form by daughter (女) and son (子) character. Just like my sis and me, we also form good (好).

I checked his Bazi. He's a Yin Water male. There's lack of Metal in his Bazi but he is a strong Water born in a month of Winter, the strongest season for Water. There are also 5 water in his bazi. So add in a 2 Earth and 2 Wood will make his Bazi quite a balance one so that his Water will not be overly crowded until it turned into a flood. He got a wealth element in his year stem (year stem refer to his grandparents) the element is Fire. Water control Fire and he got enough Water to be able to control his wealth. It will be an indirect wealth, so it maybe inheritance from his grandparents. For those of you that not familiar with Bazi, The wealth element of one is the element that his day master element control. For example, if your day master is a Fire then your wealth element is Metal. The controlling cycle is as follow: Fire --> Metal --> Wood --> Earth --> Water --> Fire.

With a lot of Water elements in his Bazi, Water is his companion element, which will mean he will have a lot of friends lending support to him in his life. Ok that's all I can tell from his Bazi. I'm just an amateur in Bazi so don't know how to intepret the hidden element in his earth stem and the stars in his heaven stem.

So I'll like to welcome Noah to the family. Hope you'll take me for a ride on your Ark when you grew up.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


I went to watch Enchanted in the late afternoon yesterday in TGV, Metro Prima, alone. Since all my girl friends are to busy to watch it with me. It was freaking cold because I am just wearing T-Shirts and shorts.

The movie is like a classic Disney animation turned into a Disney musical. It's a feel good movie with Prince charming, and an evil Queen cum step mother. It's been a long time since I've watched animation done in the old ways, it makes me fell like I was a child again watching Snow White. A cliche ending otherwise is an entertaining movie.

Rating: 3.5/5

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

24 Hours Banking my @$$

Am working the graveyard shift again. Went for my lunch (supper) at around 11.55 pm in Damanlela. Look into my wallet and found that I was short of cash. Went to the RHB Bank nearby, saw the sign saying 24 Hours ATM. When I was about to take out my ATM card for withdrawal, all the machines’ screen displayed ‘Sorry, temporary out of service’ (Including the Cash Deposit machine).

I checked the time and it’s 12:00 am. So if the ATM and Cash Deposit stop servicing at 12.00 am. Why the fuck do you put on the 24 hours sign for? What if I need the cash for emergency? So to RHB Bank management, please kindly remove the fucking misleading 24 hours sign in your electornic banking section.

All other banks that says 24 hours banking really does mean it. Another thing is that is not 24 hours also. Try to check my balance online after 12:00 am and will find that the site is under maintenance after I login. Why put the banking online when it only works before 12 am or after 6 am? If it’s fucking normal time, we can check in the branch itself and don’t have to logon to the online banking. In the world of Internet, online means 24 hours availability no matter where I logon from.

So put up a sign in the ATM machine saying 24 Hours Banking My @$$.