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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Celebrating The Launch of Heineken New Iconic Bottle

Update: Heineken wants to send you to Sensation Taiwan 2012. Click here for more info.

It happens like 3 weeks ago at KL Live. Yes. I know, I've been lazy to write blog post. I need to buy a desk and a chair so I can write comfortably in my room because there's no privacy at all in the living room here in my house. Okay back to the celebration party of the launch of Heineken New Iconic Bottle. The nice people from Heineken flew in Dutch DJ, Ferry Corsten for this party. He does attracts a lot of party-goers coming to this party.

Huai Bin and Tian Chad were there. Tian Chad is now in London covering the Olympics, if you want to read something Olympic from another view, then head on to his blog. Have a great time there!

When there's party, there's Serge. We met again in Nuffnang Blogopolis in the same week lol.

"Where are the girls?", you asked. Nah, herelah.

Cindy with her hair getting longer and longer. Want to fight with Rapunzel, is it?

Cindy's friend Ruby, whom I haven't met for a year or two.

Here are Qian Qian and Bendan. Please ignore Benjamin.

Here's Kelly, Louise and Choulyin.

After an hour of drinking, it's finally begin. Here's a video of the Heineken New Iconic Bottle presentation.

And then the man himself, DJ Ferry Corsten bringing down the house.

No wonder he's so popular, he really can spin and mixed some good dance music. Heineken definitely chose the right man for the job.

It's not even near the end and we had already drank so many bottles of Heineken.

There will be more of this coming. To be part of Heineken’s exciting calendar of events, log on to or for more information.

Some facts about the Heineken New Iconic Bottle:

The bottle caps all now have QUALITY written on them.

A longer neck gives the bottle a slimmer and more modern shape. It also proudly bears the Heineken name. The neck then leads to a strong and manlier shoulder.

The thumb groove is an added feature that encourages you to hold the bottle with a better grip, and allows the beer to stay cold longer.

The embossed logo gives the bottle a stamp of authenticity and class.

A transparent label lets you see your beer clearly. It also sits higher, emphasising the shoulder

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jom Berbuka Puasa di Pearl International Hotel

Selamat Bulan Ramadhan kepada semua rakan-rakan Muslim dan juga rakan-rakan yang ingin berpuasa bersama-sama di Bulan Ramadhan ini. Setiap tahun Ramadhan, soalan yang di tanya-tanya ialah pergi mana untuk buka puasa? Bagi aku, di rumah, masakan ibu atau isteri ialah cadangan yang paling bagus tapi letih juga mereka yang memasak.

Jadi, banyak restoran-restoran dan hotel-hotel memperkenalkan pakej atau bufet buka puasa yang cukup menarik pilihan masakan dan juga harga yang berpatutan. Sekali-sekala buka puasa dekat hotel bolehlah juga, kan?

Tiga minggu sebelum Bulan Ramadhan, aku telah dijemput untuk merasa masakan yang akan dapat di nikmati dalam Promosi Jom Berbuka Puasa Ramadhan di Pearl yang bermula dari 21 Julai hingga 17 Julai 2012.

 Aku mula dengan ulam dan salad.

Aku suka minum sup. Jadi, Sup Ekor Lada Hitam menjadi pilihan aku. Aku suka rasa sup ini yang tidak begitu masin berbanding dengan yang aku minum to restoran yang lain.

Masakan-masakan dalam promosi ini akan disediakan oleh Exekufi Sous Chef Noor Hisham dengan krew dia.

Ini ialah kali pertama aku mencuba Nasi Beriani Gam. Biasanya, aku makan nasi beriani saja yang tak ada gam. =P

Kalaulah makan Nasi Beriani Gam, mesti makan dengan Daging Beriani Batu Pahat. Aku juga suka Gulai Kambing Kawah yang rasa kambing yang tidak di sukai ramai orang telah di ganti dengan rasa rempah-rempah yang sangat bersesuai di masak dengan daging kambing.

Untuk yang suka makan ikan, adanya Ikan Bakar Tepian Tebrau. Aku ingat Chef Noor Hisham mesti orang Johor. Banyak masakan berasal dari tempat-tempat di Johor.

Ayam panggang yang mesti dapat di cari di bazaar-bazaar Ramadhan.

Di sini, aku juga dapat buat buat sotong dan kangkung sendiri.

Buka puasa tak ada ketupat dan lemang memang rasa tak sedap. Makan dengan salai ayam.d

Buat Laksa Johor sendiri, suka letak banyak sikit bawang dan taugeh? Oh, bisa.

Bukan main banyak jenis pilihan pencuci mulut yang di sediakan. Tapi perut aku boleh muat beberapa jenis saja. Yang paling aku suka ialah Sago Melaka. Sago itu bila to gigit akan menjadi sebiji-sebiji dan bukan berkelompak macam makan kuih.

Jadi, berapa harga untuk bufet berbuka puasa ini? RM68.00++/dewasa dan RM38.00++/kanak-kanak. Untuk tempahan boleh hubungi talian 603-7983 1111 ext 3205. Semoga anda selamat berbuka puasa.

Cafe 5
5th Floor, Pearl International Hotel
Batu 5, Jalan Klang Lama 58000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 603-7983 1111
Fax: 603-7983 2211

Saturday, July 14, 2012

What Did I Learn From Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012 Kuala Lumpur

I just got back from Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012 Kuala Lumpur. Not gonna blog about how it went and all that. I'll just summarized what I learned and took back with me from all the Master Classes.

1. Time management is important in blogging. If you are serious into getting readers. Make something like a Editorial Calendar to scheduled what you'll post in a week or even in a month., Chee Wah, and KY

2. Frequent updates is advisable for getting readers to come back to your blog, so that they can expect a few posts in a week but quality of the content must be good and not just blog something that is not really good as a filler. Like, Kenwooi, he'll put his not so good post during the weekend when not many people reads blog.

Huai Bin and Hui Wen

3. All of the top bloggers state that your blog is about you yourself. Don't blog for anyone. You must be true to yourself and blog honestly. If you lie in your blog, sooner or later someone will find out, which will hurt your credibility in the end.

Eric Cruz, Firdaus, and Lionel

4. Blog design 101 - Auto play music in a blog is a definite NO-NO. It's just plain annoying. A Font is a cookie cutter and a typeface is cookie. Go Google it if you want to go into detail about the different between font and typeface.

Vivy Yusof and Beautiful Nara

5. Have a simple and easy to remember blog name or blog URL. Design a logo or make a recognizable header. Last but not least having a unique tagline is important for your blog's branding.

Carlos Nizam and Sue Anna Joe

6. Learned some basic photography skill and the basic rules of capturing a good picture before you go and bend the rules. Investing in a good camera do help to up your game in blogging or vlogging.

Xia Xue

7. Find out why you blog in the first place and what you're passionate to blog about. It might be food, cooking, traveling, your personal life or even camel. Blog something that relates to you and others. Oh, please blame Lionel from Ripplewerkz if is not moved to Wordpress yet in a few months time =P

Premesh, Timothy Tiah and Kenny Sia

8. Timothy told us that when he login to his secret Nuffnang Control Panel that only him and Boss Ming have access to, he sees that social media platform like Twitter and Facebook didn't pulled down the traffic in blogs but helped to increased the traffic because it shows 30-40% of the traffic is referral from Twitter or Facebook. So, blog is still relevant in Malaysia blogosphere. Some of the top type of blogs in Malaysia are, food blog, entertainment blog and personal/lifestyle blog.

Ernest and Maria

9. Using a different way of blogging will help to boost your readership. For example, doing a vlogging and post on YouTube and post it in your blog post instead of only writing it in words. Draw comics instead of telling your story in words. Utilize other social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pininterest to link it back to your blog.

You mean like this?

10. Last but not least. Nuffnang will be launching the New Nuffnang soon!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Drum Tao Kuala Lumpur 2012 is Coming!

Wanna experience the exhilarating drum performance from Japan? For the first time you can experience it first hand from DRUM TAO - Art of Drum Tour 2012, The Sensation from Japan this coming 24 - 25 AUGUST, 2012 in Plenary Hall KLCC.

It will be like you're in the middle of a battlefield during Shogun era.

Feel the adrenaline rush!

Are you up for it?

Get your tickets by 20th July and you'll get 15% discount early bird discount. Check out the ticket site or

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Come Celebrate Heineiken New Iconic Bottle!

It's time to party again people! Any fans of Heineken out there? You, you there, you like Heineken? Yes? Cool, then you don't want to miss the launch party of Heineken new iconic bottle and Heineken ‘Progressive’ Tour.

The bottle features an embossed curve, inspired by the label ‘racetrack’, on the neck and back. The back of the bottle features the same curve motif, set above an embossed Heineken logo and the iconic star. The curve acts as a thumb groove and is perfectly placed to meet the drinker’s fingers which add tactility and grip as they grasp the bottle whilst keeping the beer to stay cooler. Additional bottle updates include a slimmer body accentuating the bottle’s premium feel and an elongated appearance emphasized by both vertical neck branding and a higher label position.

What's more, Heineken is flying down renowned Dutch DJ, Ferry Corsten to Malaysia for an exclusive invite-only party on 11 July 2012 at KL Live. To score invites to this exclusive event, consumers are encouraged to visit Heineken’s Facebook page at

Heineken ‘Progressive’ Tour will see exclusive events held nationwide and also Heineken’s well-known music programmes: Heineken Green Room & Heineken Thirst slated in the last two quarters of the year. It's always good to enjoy music with a bottle of iced cold Heineken.

To be part of Heineken’s exciting calendar of events, log on to or for more information.