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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

AmazingNet @ 1 Utama

After watching Step Up 2: The Street, I came to check on my mail and blog in this newly open Internet cafe in 1 Utama, same floor as GSC Cineplexes. I cost me a freaking Rm 4 per hour. Oh well, 1 hour is more than enough for me.

Why I want to blog about this Internet cafe. Except that they are charging 100% more than the Internet cafe, they also have special rooms installed here. Not too say room lah but rather like private cubicles that at any one time only 2 person can squeeze in.

At, first I thought it is meant for someone that want total privacy when using the Internet or gaming. When I looked into the cubicle, I saw not a keyboard but only a keypad. Then there's mic there with a small screen fixed on the wall. At the counter, when I want to get a PC, I saw a sign board on the counter saying "Karaoke, RM 1 per song". Wtf? Those cubicle are actually for people to sing karaoke.

Now I'm sitting here writing this post while at my back inside a cubicle there's a singer wannabe singing her hearts out. I'm not very familiar with Malay songs. So, will be getting out of here soon.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Blog is Rated Excellent

I got an award from Kuan. My blog is so good that I got an award. Thank you Kuan for giving me this award. I will like to thank my parents for not using a condom or birth control pill, thank my sister for having a cute daugther for me to post on my blog , thank my friends for their ever support of not knowing i have a blog (only a few close one knows) and most of all thank all the bloggers that read my blog.

I'll pass this award to whoever that is reading this and think that their blog is Excellent.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Takashimaya Food Junction

After my brunch, I walk along Orchard Road to Ngee Ann City where Takashimaya is at. I come here is not to shop but to go to the Food Junction there. Inside you can find a lot of food store selling variety of food from local to Japanese.

Before I cross the road to go to Ngee Ann City, I went to the basement of Paragon mall. There are also quite a few eateries here that is commendable. One of them is Ding Tai Fung. I tried the Crab Roe Xiu Lung Bao two years ago, it was marvellous. During lunch time there's always a long queue of customer, which they have to use numbering system to organize the queue. I haven't try the Ding Tai Fung in The Gardens, Mid Valley but read a few review that is not good at all.

Packed during lunch and tea time

I crossed that road and went straight for Takashimaya's Food Junction located at the ground floor. Just as I remembered it, lot's of food. You can spend the whole day eating here and can never finish sampling all the food. There's Bee Chan Hiong, Omu Rice, Takoyaki, Japanese Sandwich, Korean, Sushi, a food court and a few upmarket counter.

Found a Royce Chocolate counter here. There's only one in Isetan, KLCC's supermarket. I've promised Esther to buy her Royce Chocolate for her PMS but decided not to because when I get back to KL, the chocolate will be melted and disfigured. We went to KLCC last Thursday but still we didn't buy any. Maybe we're just not chocolate person.

You can also find the famous Harrods Knightbridge here in Takashimaya.

Eventhough I had my brunch already but with so many food around me, I just can't handle the temptation. I bought a box of Takoyaki (Octopus Balls) to savour my gluttony.

How can I resist?

A bit out of shape

After I had my takoyaki, I just walk around the shopping mall. My sister called and asked me whether I've eaten lunch or not. Of course I said, "No. Haven't eaten lunch". She'll bring me to Tonkichi to eat Buta Katsu (Deep Fried Pork with bread crumb).

Next up is post about the food in Tonkichi. But before that I might have to edit my Pajama post, it seems I missed out some criteria. So tonight have to back a pack of Chipster and take photos in my sleeping attire and add it in the post.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My View on Kung Fu Dunk

I watched Kung Fu Dunk on Valentine's Day in GSC, Pavillion KL. What I can say is that it's a very unoriginal flick. Ya, I know Jay Chou's fan will start blasting me. I like his songs but not this movie.

The first unoriginality is combining kung fu with sport. Stephen Chou had done that in Shaolin Football, changing the type of sport to basketball and using kung fu instead of Shaolin doesn't make it a new idea.

The second unoriginality is the main characters in the movie, which strike a close resemblance to one of my favourite manga/anime, Slam Dunk. The lead character played by Jay Chou is a genius type basketball player with great endurance and jumping power. Funny that the lead character in Slam Dunk, Sakuragi Hanamichi also have the same profile. There's even one scene where Jay hit the dunk board when doing his first slam dunk, which can be found in Slam Dunk too where Sakuragi first try to do slam dunk but failed and hitting the dunk board.

Then enter the team captain played by Bo-lin Chan. He don't resemble Takenori Akagi in personal character (Akagi is tall,dark and muscular. Not an alcoholic) but Akagi got a younger sister, Takenori Haruko whom is the basketball team manager. Bo-lin Chan also have a younger sister played by Charlene Choi of Twins and she happened to be the team manager too and have a crush on the chracter played Baron Chan, whom turn out to be so much like Rukawa Kaede. Rukawa is a great basketball player with great skill. He is adored by many girls which is the same as Baron Chan's chracter . Haruko (the team captain's younger sister) also has a crush over Rukawa.

The producer might as well put in the opening credential there "Based on characters from the Japanese manga Slam Dunk".

The third unoriginality, well not everyone might agreed with me but the scene that Jay Chou and Eric Tsang 's characters are eating French cuisine in the back alley reminds me of Rattatoile. Maybe it's just me.

Overall, this is a movie with some great stunt coordination and special effect. If you want to watch a movie with a good story this is not a movie you will want to watch.

Rating: 2.5/5

Waterfront @ Desa Park City

Yesterday night I went to check out Waterfront @ Desa Park City that I got to know from blurriehunnie. It's just 5 minutes drive from my house. There's a MaxValue supermarket which is owned by Aeon Co. Ltd (Owner of Jusco), which is very similar with any Jusco supermarket. This means you can use your Jusco Card in MaxValue.

There are a few eating outlets in operation already, namely BBQ Chicken, One Noodle, Secret Recipe, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Kluang Station, and Natural New Zealand Ice-cream. Still under renovation is Big Apple Donuts and of course Rakuzen. Yes, now I can eat good Japanese food with only 5 minutes drive away. Free parking and no traffic jam.

I don't have a camera with me so there's no picture. It was a spontanious thingy to go there. There's also a pet shop,, bicylce shop, DIY shop, and 7-Eleven. The first floor is mostly beauty salon, hair salon, interior design, and music school.

The ambience there is really nice with a park at the back. Will surely hangout here more often after more shops open. Then I don't have to go all the way to The Curve for Big Apple Donut or Ikano for Kluang Station's coffee and Hainamese Chicken Chop.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mos Burger & Pepper Lunch

The second day in Singapore. My sister is going for a routine check up in Gleneagles Hospital, so we took a taxi there from her place near Simei. Her examination will takes about 2 hours. I didn't wait for her and took a bus down to Ochard Road.

At first, I plan to stop at Takashimaya but I'm not too familiar with the bus stop in Ochard Road, I stopped at one or two stop before Takashimaya, which is Isetan Scotts. Time is around 11.30 p.m. and I eat breakfast. I went inside Isetan Scotts to look for food. There's a McCafe there but I don't think there's anything good to eat. Went to the lower ground floor and I found this.

Since MOS Burger is no longer available in Malaysia, so I think haven't a MOS burger is better than McD's. I went in and order a Unagi Rice burger. It's your normal grilled unagi with the Japanese sauce and shredded seaweed clamped by the rice pieces. You'll have to wait for your order to come because I think they will only make it when you order. That's why I got a No.2. The burger arrived still warm. It only cost $ 3.70 (RM 8.29). The unagi is so soft and juicy. The sauce tasted just right with the balance of saltiness and sweetness. Give me seaweed anytime. Yummy!

Rating: 3.5/5

Warning on the wrapper

MOS Unagi Rice Burger

Of course, the burger is kind of small and will definitely not enough to satify my gluttony. Just happen to be opposite MOS Burger is this.

Pepper Lunch!

Another franchise that is not available in Malaysia. How can one resist the steak on that poster? Best of all, it is Monday and it's nearly 12.00 p.m. which entitled me for this promotion.

For only $ 9.90 (RM 22.10)you'll get a Pepper Steak (Normal Price $13.90 steak only), soft drink and rice. Pepper lunch uses selected New Zealand beef and their pepper is freshly grind every day. Only the skin of the peppercorn is used to make the pepper.

Since it's 5 minutes to 12 p.m. and the queue is not very long, I am qualified for this promotion that limited to 30 sets per day only. Monday is Pepper Steak. I made my order and the counter and pay. A tag number will be given to you.

My receipt. I'm tag no.9

I waited for about 10 minutes and my Pepper Steak arrived on a flaming hot teppan.

My Pepper Steak is cooking up smokes

You spread their special pepper butter on the steak and then let it cook until the right doneness you wanted and you pour the special sauce to cool down the teppan and stop cooking.

The way to cook a Pepper Steak

Special garlic sauce, special soya sauce and pepper

Checking the doneness

I like mine medium-well, so I let it cook a bit more and then pour the special garlic sauce.

My medium-welldone Pepper Steak

The steak is so tender and juicy. The sauce goes well with the steak. It's so good to eat with rice. The beansprout also very crunchy and fresh. Didn't know that a fast food steak can taste so good.

Rating: 3.8/4

Pepper Lunch Logo

That's my brunch the second day in Singapore, a MOS Unagi Rice Burger and Pepper Steak from Pepper Lunch. Both are franchises that are not available in Malaysia. I am quite full already but in another 2 hours time later, I'll be eating again. That will be in the later post.

Hint: It's Japanese again and this time it's pork.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Hair Cut @ The Cut

Taking a break from my Singapore trip post. Last Tuesday, my colleague suddenly want to swap shift with me for Tuesday and Wednesday. Which means, I don't have to work from Tuesday to Saturday. It's like a week of holiday.

Coincidentaly TheNurse came back to Malaysia from Saudi for holiday. Since her boyfriend, TheDoctor have to work, so we went for lunch in Pasta Zanmai, 1 Utama and after that to The Cut in Section 17 for my hair cut. Will post about the food in Pasta Zanmai next, since my previous post is also about food, so don't want to post so many food post in a row.

This is the first time I come to The Cut in Section 17. I've known it for a while already because I come to Section 17 for lunch quite frequently for the Hong Seng's 'siew yok' (Roast Pork). TheNurse wanted to wash + blow her curled hair for dinner and I wanted a hair cut.

Steve washing TheNurse's hair

Steve attended TheNurse and Steven attended to me. Steven asked me how would I like to have my hair done. I just answered, "Short".

Before the cut. That's Steven behind me.

Wash up before Steven lays his finishing touch on me

After my hair cut was done, Steve is still half way washing TheNurse's hair. Now I know why they charge more for girl's hair.

The new and refreshing look

I don't like having long hair. Once the side of my hair touch my ears, I'll go for a hair cut because it makes my ears itchy with the hair touching them. After waiting for another 1 hour more, alas TheNurse's hair is done.

In the dark

Let's there be light

My hairstyle whenever or wherever I cut it will almost be the same style. The only different is the price to cut it. TheNurse told me that it's comfortable having Steve washing her hair, and he blew her curled hair so nice and pretty. She's coming back to have her hair cut and style. Nice right her hair after the wash + blow.

The cost:

Male - Wash + Cut = RM 20

Female - Wash + Blow (Curl) ~ RM 25 (Varies on lenght)

This one salon that charge quite a reasonable price for such a good service. Will definitely come back here again next time. Actually The Cut previously is known as The Dry Cut. They have a few outlets in Klang Valley.


Steven P'ng


The Cut Studio
Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7954 9506

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dinner @ Jurong Golf Club

From my previous post, most of you will think that I had Japanese for dinner the first day in Singapore. Ha ha. Sorry, I purposely put that pic to mislead some of you. We actually went to a Chinese restaurant in the club. Chinese New Year mah. The restaurant name is Fu Lin Men.

Ruth having her biscuit while waiting for the real food

The first dish to arrive is Yee Sang. This is the first 'lou sang' I have during CNY. In Singapore, the waiting staff will mix the ingredients for you while saying a good greeting for each ingredient. I didn't the restaurant here don't do that. Mum says the yee sang taste like the one in Malaysia 15 years ago, which is hard to find that taste now.

The Yee Sang

Ruth is being taught the art of 'lou sanging' by her dad

Next up is the sharkfin with crab meat soup. Ruth like it so much that she even finished her dad's sharkfin soup. The sharkfin soup taste normal but did see a few strand of fin.

Sharkfin Soup

Next one is prawn with cornflakes. Don't know the real name of this dish because I didn't see the menu. My uncle did the ordering. The prawn is fresh and I've never eaten prawn cook like this before. Very tasty.

Prawn with cornflakes

The next one is roast chicken but I didn't take the picture because I think it's a very normal dish. The table next to us changed to roast chicken to Beijing roast duck. My uncle ordered from a set dinner.

Staff cutting the skin of the Beijing roast duck

The next dish is "Hou Si Fatt Choy" which consist of 'fatt choi' and 'hou si' (dried oyster). Nothing to shout about this dish just normal. The dried oyster is very smooth and meaty though. My sister sapu (cleaned up) most of them.

Hou Si Fatt Choy

Then came the steam fish Thai style. Sorry, don't know what kind of fish is that. Very nice especially the sauce. Have to order another bowl of rice. LOL.

Steam Fish A la Thai

The second last dish, my sister's favourite, 'Gon Xiu Yee Min' (stirred fried noodle). She had three bowls if not mistaken. I only had one bowl because I already had two bowl of rice. I'm not fan of yee min, so I think it tasted just as any other yee min.

Gon Xiu Yee Min

For dessert, it is red bean with tong yun. Inside the tong yun there's black sesame, yummy. After, the dessert Ruth don't want to sit in her chair and started to stand on the chair. My sister and brother-in-law took Noah to the toilet to change his diaper. So, as Ruth's uncle, I took her down and let her stand on the floor. It was a mistake because once she's step on the floor, she started running around the whole restaurant and I'm chasing after her all around the restaurant. Like a big monkey chasing a small monkey. If I put her back to her seat, she will start to shout and cry. So, I've to chase after her until her parents come back from the toilet.

Red bean and Tong Yun

Ruth giving a thumb up

Lastly, have to thank my uncle for this dinner. Nothing like eating a meal with family.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Singapore Trip CNY 08 - Uncle's House

Alas, I've uploaded the pics yesterday in a cyber cafe. So, I can now start to post on my recent Singapore trip.

Last Sunday, I tumpang my uncle's car to Singapore when he was back in KL for CNY with his family. He's a dentist in Singapore, and 2 years ago I plucked a wisdom tooth in his clinic. The process only takes half an hour. I can even eat after that. So, actually plucking wisdom tooth is not as terrible as you imagine. For those of you working in Singapore might want to go to his clinic and have your teeth check. He got four clinics operating in area near MRT station. Click here for more info.

I arrived in Singapore about 1.30 pm. Rest in my uncle's house while waiting for dinner time where we'll meet up with my sister, mother and brother-in-law. At, about 6pm, my sister, and my mum arrived at my uncle's house.

Fish Pond in my uncle's House

My sis also brought my niece Ruth and nephew Noah to my uncle's house. Below are some of their pictures taken in my uncle's house.

Noah lying on his father's lap

My sister stop Ruth from going to fair up the stairs

Ruth being manja by my mum after my sister stop her for going up the stairs

After a bit of chatting in the house, it's time to go for dinner. We're going to Jurong Golf Club for dinner. I'll blog about the dinner in my next post, if not this post will be very long and lot's of scrolling. Here are some of the pictures taken on the way to the club and at the club.

I think this is the only picture that I'm in it for the whole trip

My cousin, Andrew Seow

Jurong Golf Club

Ruth being carried by her grand-uncle

View of the golf course

It's almost 7.30 p.m.

Ok, will stop here for now. Stay tune for the next post about what I ate in the club.

A japanese restaurant in Jurong Golf Club