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Saturday, January 5, 2008

About Ruth & Noah

Just an ad hoc blog about Ruth & Noah. Who are they? Ruth is my niece and Noah is my nephew. Stole some pics from my sis's friend's Facebook. So, just thinking of uploading them up in my blog. Since you know, I don't have a digital camera. Just want to put up some pics to spice thing a bit.

Ruth, my sis's eldest daughter.

Is she cute or what?

My sis's youngest son, Noah. Not much hair, just like me. LOL.

Ok. This is the first post with pictures. Haven't really meet my nephew though, they are living in Sillypore (Singapore). Should be going there to visit them on CNY.


winnie thye said...

Man! Ruth is soooo adorable! Her lips...muah! Like Angelina Jolie's.

Simon Seow said...

winnie thye: Haha, ya, she's very active one, won't stay still when feeding her. Maybe now that she got a brother, she's act more like a big sister.