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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ruth Can Walk Now

Ah, how children grow so fast. Just a few months I haven't seen Ruth (my niece) and she can walk now. My sis updated her photo album with Ruth's photos, so I thought I'll steal a few to post it here as a record of how kids grew so fast.

"She can stand on her own now and bringing her toy around"

"As comparing to this a few months back. Still crawling"

"She even can squat and use her mum's mobile phone. Children nowadays is such a fast learner"

"She can even dance. Ruth says,"Put on your black dress and dance the blue.""

It's nice being a kid. Can be so happy being "caged" by her mum. Will be seeing you soon Ruth on CNY. ;)


Jackson said...

wow...such a cute girl!! Children nowadays really know hot to use handphone

Michelle Chin said...

My friend has a cousin who is only five years old and she KNOWS how to use MSN messenger.

Sangat memalukan you know. I only know about MSN messenger when I was thirteen.

Anonymous said...

"I only know about MSN messenger when I was thirteen"

Michelle, if u sangat memalukan, then i hide my head where? only started using msn last year (31 lol!)

hey Simon, cute lar your niece.

ling239 said...

i like her dancing pic ~ how old is she ? ^_^

Simon Seow said...

Jackson: Thanks for dropping by. Hitomi also very cute, and she can be food critic already.

Michelle Chin: We're born in a different era. When I was five, I don't even have a computer.

Melvin: It's never too late to learn. Thanks for dropping by and comliment to Ruth.

ling239: My sis put caption as "Dancing Queen" for that pic. She's 1 year and 6 months. She's a Leo born in August same as me.

ling239 said...

wait till she starts telling u story hahahaaaa.... cute baby ~ ^_^

Simon Seow said...

lol...yupe she's cute. Wait till she grow older, then will be naughty not cute.