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Monday, January 21, 2008

Another Funny Caption Contest

As I've blogged here, there's 4 Nikonian Funny Caption Contest running simultaneosly. Here's one more of the photo to be contested.

"Hello? DBKL? I think you lost some street dogs here."

I didn't submit this to the contest. Just wanna post something funny ;).


ling239 said...

hahahaaaa... not flooded meh ? :p

Simon Seow said...

no la, you can make up any funny caption you can think of. You can post this pic and make your own caption if you want. You can also join the contest.

Michelle Chin said...

That guy's expression is PRICELESS.

Simon Seow said...

LOL, Michelle, that guy is my ex-boss. Another funny thing is, I was reading your blog when I get this comment notification.