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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

翁詩耀 Tee Yau - Another Talented Malaysian at Super Idol

After 李佳薇 (Jess Lee) won 超级星光大道7 (One Million Star), we might have another Malaysian breaking into the grand finale of 超级偶像 5 (Super Idol 5th season), another reality music competition show in Taiwan that is as popular as 超级星光大道 (Superstar Avenue). In come 翁詩耀 (Yong Tee Yau) a 26 years old Malaysian architect by profession, on the latest episode of Super Idol, he's already booked a palce in the final 7, just two or three more rounds away to the grand finale.

Picture of Tee Yau in the early stages.

His style is very different from 李佳薇 Jess Lee. Where Jess Lee is the expert in the vocal, Tee Yau is more like a free style performer. He can play the acoustic guitar while singing. He also had composed some songs that you uploaded on his YouTube channel. His vocal is of course no match if compared with Jess Lee but he has got his own unique style of singing, which is very important for a singer to have his/her own personality to be identifiable in the recording industry.

Here are some of the YouTube video Tee Yau's performance in the past episodes of Super Idol 5. Watch it and see what you think of his singing.

翁詩耀 Tee Yau singing Jason Mraz's "Love For A Child":

翁詩耀 Tee Yau did a very good cover of James Morrison's "You Give Me Something":

翁詩耀 Tee Yau Singing Bee Gees' "I Started A Joke":

翁詩耀 Tee Yau Singing Coldplay's "Yellow":

I like 翁詩耀 Tee Yau Singing singing his own composing "風箏線", when he's singing this song, I kind of see a little bit shadow of 张雨生 (Tom Chang):

He also challenges himself by singing "容易受傷的女人":

He also sang one of my favourite song from 陳綺貞 (Cheer Chen), "還是會寂寞":

Oh, as with Jess Lee, he also sang a Malay (technically an Indonesian :P) song by Ungu "Kekasih Gelapku":

Lastly this is Tee Yau Singing "Die", his own original song (very good this song but the lyrics is a bit dark) in the latest episode PKing with a fellow Malaysian musician and recording artist lol (talk about coincident or perhaps it's purposely set?), that got him a very high remarks from the judges of Super Idol:

Tee Yau after cutting his hair short.

Picture of Tee Yau after the makeover.

It seems that he likes to sing English songs. Well, as a Malaysian he do have to learn Malay and English, Chinese too if he studied in a Chinese Ed School. Also, I think because English song can have more changes in the way of singing not limited by the tone like Mandarin.

He's already have a fan club on Facebook simply named Tee Yau Fan Club. If you want to know more about him, you can go to the links below:


翁詩耀 @ MySpace

翁詩耀 @ YouTube

Well, hope he'll get into the grand finale and even be the champion of Super Idol 5 and make us Malaysian proud. Getting to this far of Super Idol is already no easy fit. Malaysia have so many talented singers, it's just that the market here for Chinese music is too small for our talent to make it big. That is why most of them have to go to Taiwan or Hong Kong to build a name first before coming back home. Good luck and all the best to you Tee Yau. I can see that the future is bright for Malaysian Chinese Music industry. Malaysia Boleh!!