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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Singapore Chingay 2011

No wonder the Singapore government is rich in cash until they can give SGD $40,000 to their citizen when buying their first HDB apartment. Even a traditional festival like Chingay can be turned into an annual money making event and a tourist attraction.

Singapore Chingay 2011 is unlike the Chingay in Penang or Klang, it is much like an event such as Singapore F1 GP at a tone down scale. For a good view of the Chingay parade, tickets have to be bought. There are also a lot of activities going on in the different zone of the Chingay festival. Luckily, there's an area that the public will be able to see part of the parade without having to buy the ticket. This is where I went to catch a piece of the action near Marina Bay.

I took some pictures of a part of the parade from the Free Zone. Leading the way are some girls dressed in bunny ears and bikers riding on their Harley Davidson motors.

Sorry, no Playboy Tuxedo Bunny outfit here. I recently found out that the Playboy Tuxedo Bunny costume is patented.

Will ya look at those bikes.

Coming up next is the fire breathing Dragon Car. Sponsored by Singapore Flyer apparently. Kaching $_$

Beauties and the Choy Sans 财神 (God of Fortune).

A very distinctive icon of a Chingay Festival, the giant flag bearers. See, even the flags have sponsor. The Malaysian government should learn from Singapore government in terms of getting additional income. Especially our Tourism Ministry, spent millions visiting other countries like the Tourism Minister own vacation but has done almost nothing in promoting our traditional festival and make some money from it.

It's not only a Chinese affair here, the Indians also take part in it. So, Datuk Seri, if you want to promote 1 Malaysia, this is the way to do it.

I like their Peacock parade car very much.

Here comes the Immortals (神仙)

A very pretty 仙女 here.

Of course there's a sponsor for this parade car. Money, money, money.

If those 仙女 are working in Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant, I'll be first one to go eat there :p

Last but not least, a parade car from Resort World Sentosa. While Sans Marina Bay is nearer, Resorts World trying to pull away their customer here eh, lol.

Is thang Zheng He (郑和)?

It's very nice to see the parades and the crowds there. There's also fireworks two nights in a row. Guan Eng should really plan something like this for Penang.


jfook said...

Singapore is really good in organizing events. =D Efficient and smart.

Simon Seow said...

jfook: I think the best of all there's no corruption involve hence the quality is good.