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Friday, February 18, 2011

Mobile Burger Stall, Medan Putra, Bandar Manjalara

Up till now I haven't had the chance to try out the famous mobile burger stall in SS15 Subang Jaya, which is well known for their mushroom burger. Alas, SS15 is quite far away from my place. So I won't be able to go for a quick bite in the middle of the night if I craved for burger.

It's hard to find a good street Ramli compatible burger around my area until I bumped into a mobile burger stall in Medan Putra, Bandar Manjalara which is parked near a mamak restaurant there.

There are a lot of choices of burger and hot dog available here. You also can mix and match your own burger. One can opt to add black pepper sauce on your burger for additional 50 sen.

I ordered a double daging special to takeaway.I like the fact that the amount of ketchup and mayonaise put is just right and won't make the burger too messy. I know some of you out there like it to be as messy as possible but not me because the bun will be very soggy when I got home :p Overall this burger here is very nice and a first choice for me for my sudden craving for burger in the middle of the night.


Mobile Burger Stall
Jalan Medan Putra 1,
Bandar Manjalara,
52100 Kuala Lumpur.

Google Map here.


Unknown said...

this burger is too far away... i dun like soggy and messy burger

Simon Seow said...

Baby: The burger here is not messy and soggy at all. You can always find a Ramli burger stall near your area.

Nava K said...

I love the burgers from the stalls sometimes compared to Mc and others, somehow, these stalls are so creative in giving such a wondering taste, unique in their own ways.

Hayley said...

Oh I'm starving now!!