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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Why I Hate Dawn Yang?

Ok. I was tagged by our home grown 18 year old 2 published books author/blogger. Don't laugh ok. I find this tag is a bit feminine for a man to do. Sigh. What to do, I still want my Girlfriend Sweetheart From Hell that I haven't bought yet autograph by the author.

The monster leng lui that tagged me.

So recently there's this post that Xie Xue blogged about Dawn Yang that created a controversy that Xie Xue herself have to delete the post after all the hoo haa. As for me, I don't visit both of their blogs regularly, hence you don't see their link in my Lust list. I'll only go read it when someone link them in their post that I read.

Some genius were able to screen capture the post and turned it into 10 JPEG files. In this tag, I have to paste the whole controversial blog post in my blog. I found the post actually quite funny with all the 'bones' that Xie Xue wrote. So, this is the post that Xie Xue wrote before it was deleted.

At the end of the post, I have to tell Why I Hate Dawn Yang. This is step 2 of this meme by the way.

I hate Dawn Yang because of her that this tag was created and I was tagged and now it makes me look like a sissy.

Step 3: I have to tag 6 other people. (Er.. May Zhee can I skip this step, my karma is not very good already :p)

Ok, I'll tag the first 6 that leave a comment in this post. (There goes my chance of getting comments.)


r.p said...

lol..i still like Dawn Yang's blog! Cos u know what?? The most important thing for men is HER PICTURES!!! YEAH! add them with some BIKINI shot! haha

Anonymous said...

mmm simon. (say should her plastic surgery rumor be true and evident which i've seen pictures of... don't know if they're real but yea assuming that is...")

if people who flamer he aren't satisfied with the fact that singapore allows plastic surgery produced celebrities, they should highlight on this issue and not defame her for other means be it if she fakes certain details of herself.

i mean in hollywood i've read cases where once a star changes her look and should it be too different in the eyes of a person she has a movie contract with, it's possible for the contract to get cancelled.

it really isn't fair for dawn. she's not a movie star or directly listed as a celeb but also a human who blogs anything she wants!

since singapore has been allowing her to go on doing what she has after surgery, let her continue. for example if i were her it's best not to admit to plastic surgery. more importantly a new image must be created as a shield. new face? new image?

whatever it is wendy overdid her rant. a lawsuit might well be necessary. poor dawn! it's like what did she ever do except recreating her image and achieve some sort satisfaction in life?

simon! don't u feel for her? at all?

Anonymous said...

typo *if people who flame her* 2nd paragraph.

Anonymous said...

Interesting read! Haha. Thanks for reposting it. CozyCot is now running a poll on this Dawn Yang, Xiaxue thing

Kenny Choo said...

They really add colours to my reading...ish when i skipped a week of xiaxue then all these juicy stuff come out...luckily u posted it!

bennysia said...

You sissy..

But so am I.. wahahaha..

All because of May Zhee..

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

hahaha i missed this post. lucky u post it. cat fight wor. hahaha

May Zhee said...

Samantha, I totally get what you mean. I, for one, have no problems with her keeping her surgery hush-hush. I am irritated by how she keeps insulting those who accuse her of surgery, but that's for another day. In fact, I don't think Xiaxue was even talking about her plastic surgery. She focused more on the multiples lies she has been telling the world and okay I'm going to stop preaching now. ;P

Thank you Simon! Benny too! KENNY CHOO YOU WERE TAGGED AS WELL.

Simon Seow said...

r.p: lol, good for you. I seldom visit her blog or Xie Xue.

samantha: cool there sam, I don't have any grudge against's Dawn Yang, I'm just doing a tag. I will do a tag when I was tag, I'm that kind of person. If you see me reason for hating Dawn Yang is nothing personal.

anonymous: advertising here? lol

kenny choo: you'll find it in May Zhee's blog too, she tagged you too. LOL.

benny sia: wow, the infamous benny sia, kenny sia pimped you wor, so nice. Thanks for dropping by.

kuan: i think a lof of other bloggers got this tag.

may zhee: You're welcome, I still want your autograph ga ma.

-zonked` said...


everyone who owns a BLOG is a BLOGGER isn't it? i guess the difference lies in the fame of your blog. That's how the whole celebrity bloggers. famous blogger came about right?

so.. i don't really understand why XIAXUE is so angry about Dawn being called a BLOGGER. all of us are called bloggers? it's a generic term ?


and well, ALL plastic(s) will have their day. :)

Anonymous said...

duno y but i do pity dawn :/ heh

eyeris said...

please lah. they are BOTH talentless schmucks lar.

Wen said...

Yea thanks simon =)

Ohkulala said...

OMG simon, you got dragged into all this crap. poor thing...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

yes..funny that of all ppl..u r blogging about this..but good public info sharing haha..

B.H. said...

Simon, if you really despise her that much maybe you shouldn't have made this post to capitalise on the controversy.

Doesn't this all seem like it's fabricated to create more attention for their blogs?

I think everyone should just ignore Xia Xue and Dawn. There are more important things in life to focus on.

Simon Seow said...

samantha: maybe it's because you met her before.

eyeris: no comment, because I don't really read their blogs regularly. Yours, I read regularly.

wen: you're welcome

ohkualala: er.. can't say drag la, I'm willing to do this tag so it's ok.

joe: no choice la, got tagged by leng lui.

b.h: I don't despise anyone, i just do this tag for fun and I'm lazy to write a long post yet. So, a tag will be something fast that i can post.

jolyn cutiez said...

whoa.. i felt as if I'm watching (or reading in this case)one of the Gossip Girls drama..

ahlost said...

Woots ~ Read everything at both webbies :)

Michelle Chin said...

I think May Zhee is a bit funny. She used to put Dawn Yang on top of the world despite knowing that she had done plastic surgery and all. Then, suddenly, she was calling her a smelly bitch for suing Xiaxue. I mean, can't we all just stay out of this? It's both of their problems anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just wanted to say thanks for being the only person online who took screenshots of xx's entry! Never got to read it from her, since dy's lawyers made her remove it. I know this is old news (around 7 years old, yikes!) but I love me a good ol' fashioned cat fight! Anyway, cheers from NY!