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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Nephew & My Niece

It's been only 2 months I haven't seen my niece Ruth and my nephew Noah. How they have grown, especially Noah. Their Kai Mah (Godmother) uploaded their recent photos in Facebook. So, I thought I'll do a bit of update in my blog to about them.

This one look a lot like me when I was his age. 28 years ago? That doesn't look like his mum, TBS.

Give me Foei Gras, and where's the Wagyu steak?

The dai kah cheh (Eldest Sister), Ruth.

Look at me, look at me.

Ah, the fun to see kids grow. Also means that I'm getting older each day. Sigh. -_-


蓝玫瑰Emily said...

·真的 表情很丰富呢!!! 呵呵

angelyee said...

Very cute la the last picture..Planning to get urself one?

Anonymous said...

ur nephew's got character. i must say.

Just Jasmine said...

Age does not really matter as long as you're young at heart Simon :)

apple [soul]d out said...

When I get to see yours? =p

-eiling- said...

it's foie gras not foei...
Noah is so cuteeeeee

ahlost said...

Sho cuteeee !!!

sheryl0202 said...

O M G They are so adorable!!!

Hayley said...

omg the last picture is so damn cuTeeee ;)

Simon Seow said...

emily: yeah, he can be an actor. lol

angel: let me find a gf first

samantha: yeah, like me =P

jasmine: yeah! I'm still very young at heart

apple: er... not so sure, let me find a gf first

eiling: typo mah, as long as you know what it means la. Yeah, he looks like me

Rose: thanks

sheryl: yeah, always make my day when I go visit my sister.

haylet: is it? lol, someone says he's angry.

haan said...

the last photo - look LIKE u also!!