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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hennessy Artistry, Indoor Arena - Cool Guys

It's time for us guys to cool down now after Hot Girls. Time for you girls to go wild over some cool guys I took pic with. Hence, Hennessy Artistry continue...

Mr. Cool Guy, Aaron Ho

We even have Royalty there that night.

Mr. Happy, Nigel Sia

He don't look like an uncle but he's Uncle Josh.

The guy that always get the media pass to events, Mike Yip

Mr. Tall Guy, SJ.

Let's say I'm in between Joshua and SJ in terms of height.

Will Black?

Randy, he's getting good in his magic.

Talking about magic. The sifu, David Lai is here too.

Mixing the Hennessy Cocktail


Mr. Shin Chan a.k.a Hikaru Lim

Don't ask me. I don't know.

Joyce & Nicholas. She is so protective over her b.....

Mr. Nuffnang Marketing Manager, Nicholas Chay with FA, and Kinky Blue Fairy.


Mr. Number One, Yatz. Please ignore the psycho next to us.

Mr. Adverlets, Josh Lim

He almost always pose like this, Andrew Wong.

Mr. Ah Long Pte, Daniel Tan. We're fighting over Natalie. Guess who won?

Mr. Another Tall Guy, Thomas Yap

The Gwai Loh, Shaolin Tiger.

Bob's chest

Jack Khor and don't know who's the idiot that put the hand there.

Mr. Hennessy

Mr. Speaks, KY came with Ringo.

Mr. Funny Man, Harith Iskandar. I took this photo at the edge of Hennessy KL area. The area for celebs only. Hence the only celeb pic I got.

Mr. Ngau, my old friend Justin. Princesses seems to have a crush on him.

KL, Miami, Paris and Shanghai

Presenting to you all, the 2nd coolest guy on that night, DJ Simon.

Behold the Coolest guy that night...






Mr. Sleeping Beauty/Drunk

Phew! Another long pics post.

Readers, readers of my blog,
Who's the coolest of them all.


joshuaongys said...

aiseh i'm the shortest one =(

and of cuz DANIEL WON LA!!

Just Jasmine said...

Uncle Josh still looks young, why call him uncle?

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

So Happening there -_-

David Cheong said...

Woootttt, royalty baby! haha

Ohkulala said...

and the coolest of them all is HENNESSY "himself"! lol

princessladyjane said...

LOL LOL... Daniel Tan damn good looking... *slurp* *slurp*

Note: Princesses wont have a crush on someone that easily... lol lol lol...

princesses will only have crushes towards guys like the DAMN GOOD LOOKING DANIEL TAN... lol...

and princesses loves n care for everyone.. thats y they r princesses... yay!!!

I love Princess Diana by the way... :D

Simon Seow said...

joshua: no lah, with SJ everyone is short.

jasmine: I think it is his nick

jerome: yeah, it's very happening, Cheesie!

david: My Lord

Kulvinder: yeah, you're so right

Jane: Why so random got Princess Diana one? Yeah, Daniel Tan is the hottest guy in the pics I got.