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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dim Sum Before Splash

Note: Tidak ditanggung halal.

Last month, I got a pass to go to Roxy Summer Splash thanks to Nigel. Since Steph K is also going so we planned to car pool and go together since she live near my place. After picking her up and since it's still early and I haven't have my breakfast so we went to Restaurant Fu Lai, Bandar Manjalara for dim sum. At first I was thinking of going to Tuck Kee but Steph K says it will be hard to find parking there.

Not as famous as Tuck Kee but the dim sum in Fu Lai is not bad at all.

Our "Tit Gun Yum"

My dim sum, clock-wise from the top: Yue Mai (fish ball), siu mai (pork dumpling), chi choi mai (seaweed dumpling), and dao fu pok (dried tofu with mince pork inside)

My dessert Steph K

Har gau (prawn dumpling)

When I eat dim sum, har gau is a must for me because I take it as the benchmark for the overall taste of the restaurant. The har gau here is not too bad, of course it can't be compare to the one I ate in Hong Kong.

Overall the dim sum here is good and fresh. Won't mind returning here for dim sum since it's so near my place. The environment here is also quite clean as compared to other coffee shop that sells dim sum.

Rating: 3.5/5


Restoran Fu Lai
No. 47 & 49, Jalan 3/62A,
Bandatr Sri Manjalara,
Off Jalan Kepong, Mukim Batu,
55200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603-62747610

Opening Hours: Opens till night

(Copy and paste from Kuan)

Other Ppl's View:

Kuan Food Fetish

Wait, don't go first. I don't plan to post on the Roxy Summer Splash because you all know that it was real pack and I didn't stay there for long. I'll just post some pics I took there.

With the KSCB gang, Yen, Ren, Steph K, Ah Pek (Back), Cheryl, Mel (Back), Sarah, Sue, and me.

Hmm..reminds me that I haven't post about the KSCB gathering in Restoran Talipon. Sigh, so many backlogs.

Andrew with a tulan face. LOL.

Nigel is a member for DGMB, so surely we will see some DGMB members too.

Sheon and Randy having fun.

David, taking pics with his Sony Alpha as usual

Aaron looking cool with his sunglasses on.

Kate reached there when I was leaving.

Splash Milk was there too. Splash Milk in Summer Splash.

Last but not least, how can a Summer Splash party without girls in bikini.

Finalist for the Seventeen Magazine competition.

After that we went to The Curve for the F&N Freestylez event. Which again reminds me that I haven't post yet. Backlogs, backlogs. Well, will try to post at least about the food we ate, courtesy of F&N, Nuffnang and Laundry.


Anonymous said...

Wow... your dessert(s) certainly look really yummy. ;)

Big Boys Oven said...

I am sure you will have the dessert all by yourself! lol!!

Pixie Clover said...

hey, u stay at maluri?? eleh,so near to my mum shop! my mum shop is just beside the Dim Sum shop eh,haha,thought u live far away from KEpong^^,keke,anyway,free to call me out for yam cha la,with Steph Kok also,since i know her also^^

blurryhunniee said...

Dim sum... aiks... have been craving for days.. that's like my fav dim sum place la. cheap and fresh *two thumbs up*

Hmm...u went to see bikini girls uh... HOT HOT HOT?? Hehe

choi yen said...

I prefer Tuck Kee, Fu Lai not ngam my taste .... ~.~

Simon Seow said...

Kenny & BBO: I didn't order dessert wor =P

Clover: I stay in Tmn Sri Sinar, also very near mah. Yeah, I know your mum's shop around that area, Justin told me before. I don't have your number la, how to call lol.

blur: yeah, not bad hor their dim sum. only went there a while but queue up like 1 hour.

mimid3vil: I like Tuck Kee's nai yau bao. Fu Lai don't have. Tuck Kee is my first choice too if not for the parking.

Melvin Lim said...

Where's Tuck Kee??? Direction please?
But if Fu Lai got such dessert, i also dont mind hehehe

hey.rose said...

Wah.. Leng luis :D

Simon Seow said...

melvin: Tuck Kee is a coffee shop restaurant along the slope in Taman Bukit Maluri. Where's Highland also there.

Rose: woot!

Kepong resident (30 years) said...

LOW quality dim sum, even for Malaysian level. The food sticked to the metal plate, and were obviously frozen before they re-steamed it. The only redeeming quality is that the place is clean.

How can this even be regarded as not bad?

Simon Seow said...

Hi Kepong resident.

This post was written 4 years ago. If their quality dropped then that is too bad for them. So, how can you compared with the taste now with the taste I had 4 years ago?