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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Gift to FA & Boss Stewie

Coming 2nd August is one of my favourite blogger's 27th 28th birthday and coincidentally Nuffnang is currently running Nuffnang Gift Ideas contest. So, this is a chance to give her a birthday gift and not spend a dime if I win the contest lol.

Happy Birthday to FA

So, I'll give a digital camera to Fire Angel.

Why would I give this to her? Well for one, I see that she might or might not have a digital camera because most of the pics of her in Face Book or her blog is from her friend's camera. Beside of using the camera to camwhore, FA could probably use it to take picture of car of the idiot driver that you see popping up occasionally on her blog, like this car, this car, this car, and this car.

From RealMart I found this; Canon Digital Ixus 860 IS - Black.

Sorry FA because RealMart doesn't sell beer buffet so this is the next best thing I could think of.

Moving on, I will also want go give a gift for our very hardworking Boss Stewie for finding us Nuffnanger all the advertiser and give us a bit of side income.

Hardworking Tim with his smelly.

As we all know that Banana Wenqi is now studying in Singapore. Tim will be busier than ever because Wenqi was kind of like his Personal Assistant that reminding him his schedule, confirming his appointment, taking notes on meeting and most important of all preparing cheques to be sent out to Nuffnanger whom had cash out.

Banana Wenqi in Made of Honour dinner in JW Marriot.

Now that Wenqi is no longer working in Nuffnang, hence Nuffnang is hiring more people to do her job. Timothy will have to also prepare the cheques to be sent out to the Nuffnanger. So, to help easing his job, I will give Timothy a Vision Electronic Cheque Writer 600C. Now you can give out all the Moolah without problem, muahahaha. By the way, I still haven't receive my Moolah that I cash out a month ago. -_-

The Moolah Writer


Shaun said...

OH. I used to using those cheque writers.

put on a couple of zeros... at the back of the numbers. lol

Robin said...

hmm,the moolah writer looks interesting. i use a printer to print out the figures on the check.
good day

singingcoconut said...

so many people going to Singapore and study...

Fiqa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fiqa said...

hey... ringo looked so diff here.. i know..! coz her hair is straight. very pretty. =)