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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Funny How Google Page Translation Work

Simon Says: Lazy to go out for lunch at work? Why not order your chap fun online from EzyMeal.

I was trying out the Google Translation tool on my page. When I came to this post of about Nipple Joe. I found it's so funny how it translate Lots of Cravings to Chinese.

Below is snippets of the translation:


Since I am not very consistent in posting Blog of the Week or Blog of the Month.因為我不是非常一致,在博客張貼在本週末或博客的一個月。 So, I think I will change it to Blog Recommendation instead so that I can post this when I feel like it.所以,我覺得我將它更改為博客的建議,而是讓我可以發布此時,我覺得喜歡它。 As Nipple Joe has been bugging me for this post.由於乳頭Joe已被竊聽,我為這個職位。 So, this time my blog recommendation is none other than fellow flogger from Lots of Cravings .因此,這個時候我的博客的建議是沒有以外的其他研究員flogger從大量的煙癮

For those of you that doesn't read Chinese, it translated Lots of Cravings to 大量的煙癮 which means Lots of Cravings for Tobacco/Cigarette. Why!? Cravings is only for tobacco? WTF.

Oh well, at least it got Nipple Joe tranlated perfectly to
乳頭Joe. LOL.

Try it on your page and see. You can get the code to add in your blog here.

Have fun!


babychyu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
babychyu said...

copy my ideas of translator !!
dang u !!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

like that also can? haha extended period of pimping is always welcome..although i dun understand a word of my nipples..hahahah

TZ said...

LoL... the translation sucks...

Melvin said...

Bro, Ezymeal not chap fan la. It looks like one but quality not like one. It's a healthy meal, can choose Healthy, Diet or Detox. So, slightly different from chap fan concept. Thanks for promoting anyway :-)

ahlost said...

I tried before.. Very funny indeed :D

Simon Seow said...

chyu: where got wor, you only ask me how to put in Google translation wor, also didn't say it's funny when translated. Besides, yours is from Chinese translate to English.

joe: lol

TZ: yes right.

melvin: I don't want to go too complicated if not ppl don't understand. Welcome.

Rose: yeah