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Monday, July 14, 2008

Blog Recommendation: Lots of Cravings

Since I am not very consistent in posting Blog of the Week or Blog of the Month. So, I think I will change it to Blog Recommendation instead so that I can post this when I feel like it. As Nipple Joe has been bugging me for this post. So, this time my blog recommendation is none other than fellow flogger from Lots of Cravings.

Nipple Joe

I asked Joe how does the nick name Nipple Joe come by. He told me that back in some of the early foodies gathering he was wearing some tight see-through shirt that accidentally show his nipples. That's how the nick name was created. "That's not how he got his nick name", WMW told me. But she didn't elaborate further on the story.

Ok. Enough of nipples. Let's start on the blog, Lots of Cravings. First of all, I don't remember how I came to this food blog. It might be from the blog roll in either Masak-masak or Living In Food Heaven.

What I like about Joe's food blog is that you can always find high quality food pics which will also a down side if you don't have a high speed connection or your connection sucks. His photos takes up so much broadband that he have to upgrade his Photobucket to professional from free version.

His style of writing is very much different from me. For me, I'm the straight forward no-nonsense type of writing (also no creativity =P) but Joe will always start a food post like a telling a story and sometime the story might not even be related to the food, which you will find people that don't really read the post leaving funny comments. To tell the truth, I sometimes just see the photos and skip the words when it's too wordy. It's good that the pics are good because he's a good photographer.

Then, almost every Monday blues, you'll see him posting pics of his little cousins until he now have a category on it. Sometimes it will be ranting post. So actually, Lots of Cravings is not all about food there are also some interesting read like Nuffnang v.s. Adverlets, daily life rant, and a bit about the education in Malaysia. So, if you're not hungry and will like to see some nice food pics and not sleepy and want to read a good story on food outings then you will surely find it in Lots of Cravings.

To end this write-up, I'll show you guys Nipple Joe's long thing.







What were you guys thinking?


fatboybakes said...

he got his nickname nipples coz he flashed 'em shamelessly, that's how.

i say, wanted to come by and meet you guys, but had to bake.

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

Haiyoh your post so miang one la lol

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahahaa...yes my nipples..diff versions..

HairyBerry said...

ohhhh, what lens are those?

Anonymous said...

Heh. Not just long but THICK. :P

wmw said...

LOL at Kenny's comment! Simon, Joe BUGGED you to do a post on him? Hahaha...

Anonymous said...

haha...i was expecting some R21 pictures

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

well if i can flash a sure i had it when i convinced him to pimp me..haha

u shud link to wmw nipple shot..the 1 that i got raped..

ling239 said...

expecting you to show us his eating style leh.... :p

Pixie Clover said...

swt >,<"....

Simon Seow said...

FBB: lol, Joe's a flasher? NP, can always meet up some other time.

Aronil: MIang? where got?

joe: kekeke. nipple shot? where?

nic: you have to ask joe

kenny: yeah, thick too lol

wmw: yeah, he queue up last time, it's his turn and I was busy.

r.p: sorry, we got under-18 reading also

ling: huh? eating style, I don't want to spoil my readers' appetite.

clover: huh? why swt?

Precious Pea said...

Ahem..not just long and thick, but bulky and heavy too! Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo, Precious Pea... how you know bulky and heavy too? You tried, er, handling it issit? LOL

fatboybakes said...

PRECIOUS PEA, GASP!!! playing with other people's equipment!!! it you put your face and eye at the hole, and hold it in the palm of your hand?

Anonymous said...

tsk tsk tsk....for a mo i thot this was a "dirty" post :p

Simon Seow said...

Ivy, kenny, fbb: this conversation is going so wrong.

racoon: lol, bad for my reputation if I put up dirty post.

Ron Jerem Lee said...

haha. damn.. well, its not that long, but really fat and huge.. equally seducive

choi yen said...

finally can c his face.... hehe

"Joe" who is constantly craving said... no thing not every1 can touch ok..stroke ok la..but no grabbing ok?? very delicate

fatboybakes said...

innocent look... conversation going wrong? why ah? we talking about the same thing right? nipple's cannon?

Simon Seow said...

ron: lol

mimid3vils: er, why? now that you know he's not very handsome? lol

joe: and expensive

fbb: yeah, nothing's wrong