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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nokia Nuffnang Silent Halloween Rocks

While most of the people celebrated Halloween either on the 30th or 31st of October. The fun just started on the 1st of November because this is the when Nokia Nuffnang Silent Halloween begins. This is the first time I'm going to a Halloween party all dressed up for the occasion. I was dress more like Cosplay rather than Halloween.

As usual, I don't like to be late and arrive just a few minutes before 6p.m. To my surprise, traffic is smooth all the way to Borneo Baruk Club. A few bloggers were already there. Got myself registered, and goodies bag in hand. Explore around and got a call from Charlie asking me where am I. I was in the washroom reapplying my makeup. He's at the first floor where the Nuffnang team is dressing up for the occasion.

The costumes prepared for the Nuffnang VIP and staff.

Michael Jackson was there dress up as Kenny Sia.

Marilyn Monroe was Ringo's chosen character.

Michael Jackson wants to be black once again.

One of the early bird that was there is Nigel, the whole night he's been capturing the events on his trustee DV camera.

Nigel was there way before I've arrived.

Serge was another early bird.

Charlie Chia came as Mr. Bean.

The Bloody Mummy

I had a hard time recognizing her at first but her height gave her away. LOL. Just kidding.

The registration is taken care off by the Powerpuff Girls consists of Nuffnang elites from Singapore, Cherie (at the back), Raine, and Hui Wen. Look at the muscle, you don't want to mess with these girls.

While lingering at the entrance, invited bloggers started to show up.

Andrew without his mask yet.

Copykate is er.., not too sure.

KY with his famous not posing pose.

Mr. Bean sneaking behind me while I'm taking picture with Zombie Bruce Lee.

Dr. Evil aka Nicholas Chay

Father Johnny Ong with real garlic hanging on him.

As usual, Ginny is here as Nuffie. This time, she's a devil.

Sound activated spider. Scary...

Jolyn, an experienced Cosplayer. This time she let water a bit, if not she sure win.

Guess who's this? Hint: He's doing his PHD currently.

Gillian Tock from the Phantom of the Opera relaxing on the sofa while waiting for the VIPs to be dress up.

Alas, I have to chance to meet the French Maid all the way from Kuching. So that I don't have to fly to Kuching to meet the barrista in Starbucks.

Optimus Prime grows a bit bigger this time. Last met him here.

Captain Hook won the Best Scary Costume (Male) and went home with a Nokia 5320 XpressMusic phone with Bluetooth headset and 5 Universal Music CDs.

Angel of Death won the runner up for Best Silent Dance Move and she went home with a Nokia 5220 XpressMusic phone with Bluetooth headset and 5 Universal Music CDs. I should have dance too. Sigh.

Kurt Kobain before he die and after he came back from the grave.

As usual, Liang is again MC of the night.

Liang the King

After a short speech from Timothy Tiah, the co-founder of Nuffnang. Liang introduce the first band of the night, Alaling and the Kaya Kok (kaya puff lol). This is a Nokia sponsored event and of course the band and singers are members of Nokia IAC.

Alaling doing her stuff. This is the third time I see her sing live. The first time was here and second time in Groove Junction.

Kenny Sia, Nicholas, Ringo and Kimberly was called up to play a game to find characters mentioned by Liang. The one that can find the most wins. Nicholas won and got lots of candies.

Jane, Zoe, Sue, Michelle, Wen, and StephK

Corpse Vick

Debra in her old cheer leading attiere, Cleopatra and Angel.

Cave Man and Prison Break

Nihon Yure, Velma from Scooby Doo, Vvens, Jolene and Dr. Joker (Bernard)

Pam's face got a scar boo hoo hoo T_T

If it's a Nokia event, you'll see Dr. Bloody David there.

CurryEgg brought a doll instead of eggs.

Lynn Leng Lang was there too.

Liang playing another game with the bloggers. The prize this time is a squashy skull.

The National badminton player in NTV 7's Frontpage. Min Li

Our home grown hip hop duo.

Suanie and KY dance to da hip hop yo!

Wow, Nuffnang managed to invite Japanese Pop Queen, Ayumi Hamazaki.

Yatz don't really have to makeup, just let go of his long hair is enough to scare people.

Joshua and Ren if I'm not mistaken.

Another game, this time Jane, StephK, Firdy, KY and I form a group to play. In 8 minutes, the group the completely wrap the most team member as mummy wins.

Ee Fei's team won movie tickets to any movie in GSC.

After dinner, there's one last game that involved all the bloggers. Each blogger is given a balloon and they have to protect their own balloon from being burst by other bloggers. Of course, the tallest blogger won this game and takes RM 100 hard cold cash with him. Who is he?

Nah, the tallest blogger.

Who but Thomas Yap.

Bloggers that night get to be the first to physically see Nokia newest model the Nokia 5220 XpressMusic phone and Nokia 5320 XpressMusic phone.

Carlson and David showing Nokia newest phone in Malaysia.

It's time for Nokia Silent dancing session. It's quite weird if you're not listening to any music but see people grooving in their own pace.

After that, it's time to call up the 6 finalist for Best Costume Male and Female.

The two female finalist, the other finalist is not a female nor a male.

The male finalist, Kurt Cobain, Captain Hook and Satan (Was late to go up because he was kicked in the knee when doing his silent dance)

Robb the muscular mummy.

Oktoberfest is here? AllisonRachel as a German Barmaid.

The last band came out and the first song the do is Ghostbuster, which rock the whole house.

I afraid no ghost.

Lastly, it is prize giving time.

Devils and Angels Nuffie holding all the prizes.

Nigel won the best written pre-event post.

Winner of Best Silent Dance

He's good with his finger. Winner of N-Gage game.

Satan got 1st runner-up for Best Costume Male

Best Costume Female goes to Paris Hilton.

The whole events comes to an end after that. Before I go, I manage to snap picture with busy Pinky and Yee Hou.

Hard to catch her to take pic because she's busy running here and there.

He insist of using camwhoring technique to take this pic. He's good at it. This doesn't look like a camwhore pic right?

The event was a great success and this is why Nokia Nuffnang Silent Halloween Rocks! Thanks to Nuffnang, Nokia and Universal Music Group.

Nokia 2GB USB Drive and Universal Music's Power Hits in the goodies bag.

Oh by the way, Nokia pledges more of these events in the coming future. Thank you first Nokia.

P.S. I apologize first if I forgot to mention any of your names because there were just to many people.

P.P.S The funny guy Falcon was there too. We took pics but I think he wants to remain anonymous.

P.P.P.S If you're guessing what character am I, well it's the mirror image of Black Jack.

Also, people, please tag yourself in my Facebook Album because I don't have some of your Facebook. Thanks.

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curryegg said...

hahaha... glad to meet you there simon.. Your scar look great! lolx..

Yatz said...

wtf damn long post..and i love my pic..

Neo said...

Haha... you looked really great, you sure you didn't win the scariest costume?

Cheddarina said...

Wow! What a great Halloween party! U looked great too!

§pinzer said...

Wah u give me new english name isit!! hahaha ur a bloody camwhore la :P

陈一豪 said...

Oi barmaid is Rachel lah wtf.

Great one here man.

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

very nice stuff man. The pictures said it all... sigh.. why laaa... oh well had to perform so couldn't be there :( but looks dayummn fun wei. And oi the nuffnang powerpuff how come two blue? suppose to be res, blue and green

pinkpau said...

wow you put on your own makeup! great costume simon!

and who is the melamine milk!! why does no one know who he is!!

Simon Seow said...

kelly: nice meeting you too, thanks.

yatz: I don't want to break it into parts that's why so long lor :p yah your face dahsyat.

neo: nope didn't win, not scary ler me

cheddarina: thank kiu

tock tock: you sendiri write the name in your blog leh, which blogger is not a camwhore?

Yee Hou: oh, Rachel ah, opps, ok, i'll edit. Thanks. Your camwhore skill is da best.

linora: next time lor, work is more important mah. No ah they wear correcly ah. It's Red, Green and Blue lor. Cherie - Green, Raine - Red, and Hui Wen - Blue. Maybe is because Cherie's green is a bit of bluish green lor.

su ann: thanks, spend quite some money to but the eye liner, foundation and the hair colour spray. I really don't know who is the milk, have to ask Hitler.

xin said...

wow looks so fun indeed! your scar on the face is so....attention-seeking. lol

Sandra Pixie said...

thanks for dropping by at my site! nice meeting you too..!

jolyn cutiez said...

thanks for the watery compliments.. =P

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

wahhh simon looks hot in white hair wor hahaha

Rynne Lee said...

wooo fun! :D

sookyee. said...

I was about to say you look like black jack.. until ir ead your psss...haha...
Should carry a scalple walking around???

the party seems fun~

Simon Seow said...

xin: oh is it? I thought my white hair is more noticeable lol

sandra: you're welcome

jolyn: lol

kuan: not old meh? lol

rynn: yeah fun

sook yee: yeah, alas an anime fan that look who am i, i can't find a scalpel