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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nicole Kiss in Lingerie

From the title of this post, some of you might be thinking you'll be seeing Nicole's pic wearing sexy lingerie right? Well, too bad, I don't have access to such a private photos of Nicole. What I meant from the title is that Nicole is now somewhat dwelling in lingerie business. Yes, she's selling sexy and kinky lingerie online in her new online boutique. Nicolekiss Boutique.

Under the product range of Kiss Me Down Under and Like A Virgin one can find sexy see through lingerie and panties. So girls, if you wanna make your boyfriend goes head over heel over you, buy one and then suggest your bf to visit the two product range posts as a hint. ^_^

Putting these pics in my blog feels so wrong. If not for you boss, I won't be doing this lol. Here goes, some of the lingerie and panties available in Nicolekiss Boutique.

This can spice up a dull marriage life.

A more conservative one here.

Mysterious yet not unforseeable.

Okay, now. Guys you sure you don't want to get one of the lingerie to your girl friend or girl friends as birthday present? You can ask her to dress for you to see whether look nice or not wor :p

Well, if lingerie and panties is too way forward for some of you, it's not all that doom and gloom because the dresses in Elegance and That First Date will probably be able to help you guys choose a nice dress for your female friend or girl friend as a birthday present. Just like what I did for a female friend of mine, I ordered a dress from Cocorich and it was deliver to her as her birthday present. I don't even have to pack the present.

A one piece dress from Elegance/That First Date. Suitable for prom night/ball/gala dinner.

Another one piece dress from Elegance/That First Date. Great for clubbing no?

A more casual two pieces from That First Date. I think can even wear it to work for you office lady out there.

Now that we got items from inside out. For car enthusiactic, sure will put some spoiler or skirting to modify the look of their car. In fashion, there's always the accessories such as necklace, earrings, bangles, bracelet and etc. Look no further, as you can find these in Sweet Kisses.

Custom made glass marbles bracelet. Means limited edition yo!

The Crown which you can wear it as a necklace

The Heart, looks good with a deep V dress.

Now that we are all dress up for the occasion, let us set the mood right. Play some romantic music, switch off the lights and light up the love candles from The Love House.

Such a great gift for Christmas and Valentine's Day.

So, now that the whole package is in Nicolekiss Boutique, if you guys aren't able to impress your girl friend or girl friend to be, then I think you better move on to another girl. :p Just kidding.

Some good news during this holiday seasons. Quoted from Nicolekiss Boutique.

**Promotion!** Christmas Delivery & Wrapping for FREE!! Send something to your love ones today!
FOC service: Add your personal message to your recipient in the comment section and they will receive a nice little card of wishes from you!

Free Delivery for ALL items to Malaysia, Brunei & Singapore!!!

Promotion last till further notice.
Additional USD4 for international shipping.

So what are you waiting for now boys and girls? Go click here.

And boss, you owe me lunch. LOL.


luthien said...

white dress is really pretty :)

Baby said...

like the pink dress. but do you have other color?

kruel said...

My wife always complains that the lingerie if worn will only last 5 seconds before tossed aside....

ahlost said...

love those candles.. Very nice !! :)

Nicocoa said...

Simon tenkiu SO MUCH!!! *muaks!*

kruel: but it's a damn well worth 5 seconds!!!

Scud said...

It's better than never been tossed aside right?

And.. WOW~! Cool~!
It can really spice up something!

Simon Seow said...

Winnie: Yeah, I think so too.

baby: you'll have to ask Nicole lol

kruel: lol, you lucky guy

rose: you wanna buy for me?

nicole: you're welcome and you owe me lunch :p

scud: yeap, can really spice things up