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Monday, November 17, 2008

High Tea with Candy Cheah in C.Club

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About a month ago I got a call from Alice telling me that I've won the 98.8 FM SMS contest for high tea with one of our local diva, Candy Cheah. The venue will be in The C.Club. ^_^ I read from the food blogs that the food in The C.Club not cheap wei, and now I get to eat free and with a celebrity some more. Woot!

The C.Club, 5th & 6th floor The Pavilion, KL.

They are having a contest to win a Subaru car that day. The last one standing and having his/her palm on the car wins. Crazy, that day was so bloody humid and the sun is like bbq fire.

I was, as usual the earliest to arrive. As in any other event, I like to be on time. I'm so not Malaysian. LOL.

Just plain ice cold water in an expensive crystal glass.

I was shown to the table where Candy is sitting. It feels kind of weird because I've bought her debut album like 10 years ago and now she's sitting right in front of me. Lucky, she's started to break the ice by chatting with me first. I then relax a bit and show my thick face self. :p

Kacang putih in The C.Club. So out of place right?

Because it's high tea, so I ordered tea.

The tea I had.

Tomato bruschetta.

The bruschetta is not too bad, I had a few of those.

Deep fried shrimp with special mayonnaise sauce.

This is very yummy too. Crispy and springy.

Fried dumpling.

The fried dumpling is not too bad but the filling is a bit small in portion.

Egg sandwich in the middle and tuna croissant at the bottom.

The egg sandwich is nothing to wow about, my favourite is the tuna croissant, the croissant smell so nice and the skin is still crispy and buttery taste. Beats Delifrance's croissant for all I know.

Chicken wings only the drumstick side.

One of the fan that got invited is a vegetarian, Candy is so nice that she ordered a salad especially for her. The leaves looks like rocket lettuce and the dressing, I guess is balsamic vinegar with peach at the bottom.

Candy with her invited fans.

I found her latest CD in the goodies bag I received.

So, I ask her to sign the CD for me. Thanks Candy. The song I like most in the CD is Forgot (忘了), you can go here to listen to the sample. By the way, Candy will be launching her newest CD soon, 5 songs from this CD plus 5 new songs and a DVD with her MV. I caught one of her latest ballad in 98.8 FM, it's not bad.

Candy signing the CD cover for me.

Me and Candy Cheah.

Me doing the Karen Cheng in the toilet. Bloody nice design wei the toilet.

Group picture of the fans and Candy.

The handsome guy here is Yi Xin (一心), 2nd Season Project Superstar Finalist. He's the newest artist managed by New Pro Star.

Yi Xin's friend Jack of JNK. He's the top 5 of 2nd Season Project Superstar. He was there to promo his newest drama series in 8TV Step of Dance.

Me and Jack of JNK.

Thanks to the hard work of the staffs from New Pro Star to organize this meeting. They're Alice, Albee, and Austin.

Alice, Albee, me and Austin. They're the 3 As.

The boss of New Pro Star, Charles.

Look for Charles if you think you have star quality. They're looking for new faces to join as artist or MV actor/actress too. Go here and scroll to the bottom if you're interested. Maybe I'll go for casting too. Nah, just kidding. LOL.


-eiling- said...

looks like th efood at C club isn't that happening as the name itself. Lucky you....

jasmine said...

haha, they're having the same Subaru promo in Singapore too! Saw a kids' version where kids place their palms on this toy car... quite cute.

and how lucky to get a free meal at the c club... i haven't been yet.