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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Time Out KL: On The Up November

I went to another Time Out KL event last week. I was late to the venue because I went to Pecha Kucha first in KLCC first. More about that later.

I arrived at No Black Tie at about 10.30 pm hence I missed An Honest Mistake's performance. Read from Yatz that they're not bad. David, Hsu Jen, Nigel, Aaron, Joshua, Celine, Fuzz, Dillon, Sue, Dahlia, Josephine were there too. Kelli was there to show me where the guys were sitting.

The Bassment Syndicate was already playing half way when I took my seat. Lucky there's still a table left because the whole place is packed. These group basically consist of two bassists and a drummer. There's no vocal here just pure instrument. Their music is somewhat more toward Jazz. It's the kind of music I'll listen to when I want to relax. While there's two bassists, one is playing high bass 4 strings and another is low bass with five strings. While jazz is not for everyone, I sure find their music quite to my liking. It has the calm soothing effect.

The Bassment Syndicate

After a short break, it was Alaling & the Kaya Kok's turn to perform. She's one of the reason I detour all the way from KLCC to catch this event. As usual, Alaling sang with her sweet and soothing voice. After singing her usual hit single First Time, this time she sang a new song that she named Facebook Song. Talk about catching up with the fad.

Alaling + The Kaya Kok

They also made a MV for the Facebook song.

After that, it's the last but not least Rendra Zawawi. He's the favourite of the audience because he literally rock the house. His band also consist of a violin and a saxophone on top of the guitars and drum.

Rendra and his band

The Sex Sax player

The violinist.

When we thought that that is the end for the night, Rendra gave us the audience a surprise. He asked our very homegrown Youtube artiste, Kokokaina who happens to be in the house to sing to us one of her well known song. She is indeed very good. She has a strong voice for such a petite person.

Kokokaina doing her stuff.

Then we end the night, which is midnight. Now who says we don't have local talent. There's so many independent talented singer out there in Malaysia that need our support. So look out for the next Time Out KL: On the Up and come to give our local singer some support.


NiC said...

she sing amazingly