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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Time Out: On The UP November

Tomorrow. 19th Nov 2008. Wednesday. One of my favourite local independent singer Alaling and her band, Kaya Kok will be performing for Time Out: On The Up in No Black Tie. It's just two shop next to Palate Palette. The fees is RM 20 at the door but you can get discount here.



The first time I see Alaling's performance is at Nokia IAC event.

Alaling performing in Nokia IAC in the Zouk.

She's very friendly and like to camwhore too. lol

The second time I saw her perform, is in Groove Junction. Doing her original song "First Time".

She's very serious about her performance

But still she can be very down to earth...

The third time is just recently, she performed at Nokia Nuffnang Silent Halloween Party. As usual, doing some jazzy groove.


So, grab the opportunity now this Wednesday to catch Alaling & the Kaya Kok live in No Black Tie. Brought to you by Time Out KL.


luthien said...

what a queer name! LOL! but if she good at what she does... why not???? :))))

CoolerFuzz said...

walau... kipas susah mati. see u at the event dis wednesday k.