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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Time Out Comedy Thursday Night, Little Havana

Ah, I am off shift and got nothing to do, since not working on a boring Thursday. Wait, lucky I found out about Time Out Comedy Thursday Night from Kel Li and Nigel. If not, I'll be bored to death. The event is organized by Time Out KL magazine, which provide a platform for our local stand up comedians to try out their talent. Just pay RM 20 at the door or if you print out the ticket from here, it will only cost you RM 10. Event will be held every first Thursday of the month. Get your updates here.

Okay, moving on. So, I've reach Little Havana and nice people like David, Hsu Jen, Yatz, Joshua, Aaron, Nigel and of course Kel Li were there.

Little Havana

First let me takes you around the venue first.

Cozy sofa where we sat while waiting the event to start.

I like the wooded furniture in Little Havana.

Now let's us move upstairs to the 1st floor, where the event will be held.

We came very early and so click, click ,click.

Most table are reserved. So, please make reservation too next month.

The launch issue of TimeOut KL, who's the girl in the cover? It's Joyce the Fairy lah.

Ordered myself a mug of Carlsberg Draft RM 9 nett.

And a plate of fried calamari, RM 12 nett. Not bad the calamari but the batter is a bit too thick to my liking.

Let the show begins. Matt is the MC of the night, he can tell some jokes too, don't pray-pray.

Matt warming up the crowds.

The first up, is a first timer, Faisal. Well, all I can say is that he came very unprepared, as you see he even got his gag script with him. My advise for him is to have more body movement, voice mimicking and most importantly practice, practice, practice. Hope, next time Faisal will give a better show.

Faisal, whom is kinda nervous that night.

Next up is Yugi. A very lively comedian with voice mimicking and body movement. One of my favourite that night. The best part I like is him mimicking Yogi bear.

Yugi doing his stuff.

After that we have a 15 minutes break from the show. The place is packed with people, I tell you.

Oh, now only I noticed Yatz's head is there.

After the break, we continue with Alfred. Not too bad, some of his jokes are kind of meant for men, so ladies you might get offended if you don't come here with an open mind. As, I always think in mind for this kind of stand up comedy, it's just for laughs, so no hard feeling.

Yatz's long lost brother, Alfred. Just kidding lah.

Zac is next. He lost his joke book when his car was broken into, and he joke about what the thief is going to make out of the joke book. I like the impersonation of his gf when he ask her to shut up.

The final stand up comedian of the night is a very experience comedian, Hishamudin. Not our Education Minister, although he can be quite a comedian himself since parliament is now like a circus. His jokes will be rated PL 18 and will mostly be censored if shown in a public hall. So, one really have to be open minded with his jokes.

"Do you have a car?"

Even though not the jokes are great but I did have a good laugh from the show, overall. After the show, we adjourned to a nearby mamak restaurant and talk about the jokes that we like or dislike that night. Looking forward to the next Comedy Thursday Night.

One can see KL Tower from Little Havana.

P.S. Go to Nigel's post for the video clips of the show.


Tummythoz said...

Finally, a peek into that room. Didn't think the crowd will be so thick. And friendly? No heckler?

Anonymous said...

simon ur pictures were shaky lol. what were u doing while snapping photos hmm??

Simon Seow said...

tummythoz: The crowd is a well behave crowd.

samantha: yeah, don't have stabilizer like your new Canon Ixus mah :p