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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

As Jay Chou Arrives

Continued from my previous post of how we killed time waiting for Jay Chou to appear on the stage for his new movie Kungfu Dunk. We made our way into the VIP area but still in there we still have to endured two more hours of singing contest, wushu performance, Kenny Sia appearance and MY FM's DJ playing games with the fans.

The crowds is starting to build up in at the back of the VIP area. Thanks to Uth and Nuffnang and as a Nuffnang Glitterati., I was able to stand in an area which is only about 20 meter away from the stage.

Fans starting to pack the area

After 2 or 3 contestant singing their own compositions, we were treated with Wushu performance by Hap Kune Do. Two of the performers turned out to be Suanie's ex-colleague. Some of the performance includes sword, breaking chopstick with neck, using the neck to bend a spear and chopping sugar cane with hand and leg.

Leoni performing with a sword

After the wushu performance, Liang announce that a celebrity will be coming up stage next. He asked the crowd to spell out the celebrity's name. No, it's not J-A-Y C-H-O-U. It's non other than our very own Malaysia's celebrity blogger Big Coconuts Kenny Sia. The crowd did spell out right K-E-N-N-Y S-I-A. Kenny went up on stage and was asked by Liang to chop a sugar cane with his bare hand.

Kenny warming up for the performance

In the first attempt, he failed to chop the sugar cane in half but was successful in the second attempt.

Kenny attempting to chop the sugar cane with his bare hand

After the sugar cane chopping scene, Liang took out some tennis balls. The purpose of these tennis balls are to be thrown one at a time to the audience. Whoever that catch the tennis ball and have a Mr. Potato goodies bag in hand will be able to take photo with Jay Chou at the back stage. Kenny gets the honour of throwing the tennis balls. May Zhee's boyfriend Philip was lucky enough to catch Kenny's ball (no pun intended) but May Zhee doesn't have a Mr. Potato goodies bag. I was kind enough to lend her mine. This how my goodies bag saves the day.

May Zhee with Kenny's ball and my goodies bag

She's one of the lucky one to be able to take photo with Jay at the back stage. After Kenny finished throwing all his the balls, he came to the VIP area to mingle with all the other bloggers and I took this opportunity to take a picture with him.

Me, Kenny, Nic, Ringo, Ken, Yatz, and Suanie

After the camwhoring sessions, alas Liang passed his baton to the two DJs from MY FM. This means Jay Chou is coming soon.


After playing some games to choose a lucky winner from the audiences that can take photo with Jay. Alas, Kevin Chu the director of Kungfu Dunk, Baron Chan and Jay Chou were escorted up the stage by lion dance. The crowd went screaming.

Jay Chou

Baron Chan

Kevin Chu

Jay Chou, Baron Chan & Kevin Chu

I didn't stay until the end because I have some business to deal with Ringo and Ken. Also, I have a dinner appointment at Chillies, 1 Utama at 8.30 p.m. I will blog about the business deal and the dinner at Chillies in later posts. So, that's how I spent about 4 and a half hours in Funkees Kungfu Uth Fest.


Michelle Chin said...

Baron Chan looks so much better than Jay Chou.

ling239 said...

i heard Jay din managed to dunk... is it true ? @_@

Nicholas Chay said...

simon i heard a guy screaming in high pitch JIEE LOONNN!!

was it you?

amb3r1te said...

y i comment so many times but it dun wanna appear T.T

baron is hot!
but i think his name is kinda wierd... =p

... said...

Ok I'm not a Jay Chou fan but just wanted to make my presence known. Wah Simon ah, thanks for the linkage man. I'll link to ya soon ;)

Simon Seow said...

michelle: yupe, Baron is more handsome but Jay is more famous and talented.

ling239: he didn't dunk, he try to shoot but missed.

nic: of course it's not me LOL. I shouted KENNY SIA I LOVE YOUR COCONUTS.

Amy: I'm not sure why. Maybe have to wait gua. Or you turned on pop-up blocker? Ya, Baron. It's like some royal family from England.

Ash: No problem. Welcome you anytime.

sheryl said...

wishing you a happy & prosperous new year! have a good holiday.

3POINT8 said...

WoW....Looks like you met quite a lot of people there. Also, the event looks jammed pack!

Btw, Happy Chinese New Year!

wenching & esiong said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family! Wishing you all the best in this new year. Stay healthy, wealthy and happy!

Tummythoz said...

Me no fan of JC but that Baron chap looked quite a dish. Hey, thx for dropping by.

Simon Seow said...

sheryl: thanks. have a good day in German or Italy.

3point8: hey, thanks for dropping by. Ya, I didn't expect to meet so many bloggers there, it was a ad hoc thing to go there. Happy CNY to you too.

wenching & esiong: thanks, wish the same to both of you too. Introduce more good food too ;).

thummythoz: Yupe, Baron do look better than Jay. Welcome, i've been reading your blog since last year. Thanks for dropping by too.

May Zhee said...

Walau that photo of me so ugly leh.

Simon Seow said...

may zhee, where got ugly. Any pic you take also pretty one.

ahlost said...

Hello Simon.. Hehehe.. Finally I manage to see more pics from this event. Thanks so much for that :)

Simon Seow said...

Hahaha. Lucky I borrowed the camera from my cousin that day.