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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

AmazingNet @ 1 Utama

After watching Step Up 2: The Street, I came to check on my mail and blog in this newly open Internet cafe in 1 Utama, same floor as GSC Cineplexes. I cost me a freaking Rm 4 per hour. Oh well, 1 hour is more than enough for me.

Why I want to blog about this Internet cafe. Except that they are charging 100% more than the Internet cafe, they also have special rooms installed here. Not too say room lah but rather like private cubicles that at any one time only 2 person can squeeze in.

At, first I thought it is meant for someone that want total privacy when using the Internet or gaming. When I looked into the cubicle, I saw not a keyboard but only a keypad. Then there's mic there with a small screen fixed on the wall. At the counter, when I want to get a PC, I saw a sign board on the counter saying "Karaoke, RM 1 per song". Wtf? Those cubicle are actually for people to sing karaoke.

Now I'm sitting here writing this post while at my back inside a cubicle there's a singer wannabe singing her hearts out. I'm not very familiar with Malay songs. So, will be getting out of here soon.


ling239 said...

hahahaaaa.... those KBoxes ahh ~
i saw them too... so many in a row

Simon Seow said...

Yes, Ling. KBoxes wtf?