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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Nuffnang or Nuffang?

I was dining with a friend in Chillies, 1 Utama last Saturday and this conversation started when I am complaining to my friend that she seldom visit my blog. Let's call this friend S.

S: Do you put ads in your blog?
Me: Yes, I do have ads.
S: Have you heard of Nuffang?
Me: What? Nuffang?
S: Yes, Nuffang, seems very popular with bloggers right now.
Me: Not Nuffang la, NuffNang, Nang, not Fang.
S: Oh. Thought it's Nuffang mah.
Me: -_-

Then come to think of it, the first time I knew about Nuffnang, I too mistaken it to be Nuffang. I remember the first time I type in the URL to Nuffnang website, I typed in the address bar "" and happily I press enter. Of course, it will give me the page not found error.

So, is it just my friend and me or most of us out there that subconciously ignoring the 'n' in Nuffnang and mistakenly see it as Nuffang. I'm not a phycologist, so it's impossible for me to answer this mystery of mine. Anyone out there also have the same experience the first time you saw the word Nuffnang?

P.S. Just found out 8th of March 27th of Febuary is Nuffang Nuffnang's birthday.


amb3r1te said...

umm.. i always thought it was nuffnang.
no mistakes here!

Skyler said...

ACTUALLY! The birthday is 27th Feb =P

Simon Seow said...

amb3r1te: oh, maybe I'm just bad in fast memory.

skyler: oh is it? then maybe 8th of March is the celebration.