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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dinner @ Jurong Golf Club

From my previous post, most of you will think that I had Japanese for dinner the first day in Singapore. Ha ha. Sorry, I purposely put that pic to mislead some of you. We actually went to a Chinese restaurant in the club. Chinese New Year mah. The restaurant name is Fu Lin Men.

Ruth having her biscuit while waiting for the real food

The first dish to arrive is Yee Sang. This is the first 'lou sang' I have during CNY. In Singapore, the waiting staff will mix the ingredients for you while saying a good greeting for each ingredient. I didn't the restaurant here don't do that. Mum says the yee sang taste like the one in Malaysia 15 years ago, which is hard to find that taste now.

The Yee Sang

Ruth is being taught the art of 'lou sanging' by her dad

Next up is the sharkfin with crab meat soup. Ruth like it so much that she even finished her dad's sharkfin soup. The sharkfin soup taste normal but did see a few strand of fin.

Sharkfin Soup

Next one is prawn with cornflakes. Don't know the real name of this dish because I didn't see the menu. My uncle did the ordering. The prawn is fresh and I've never eaten prawn cook like this before. Very tasty.

Prawn with cornflakes

The next one is roast chicken but I didn't take the picture because I think it's a very normal dish. The table next to us changed to roast chicken to Beijing roast duck. My uncle ordered from a set dinner.

Staff cutting the skin of the Beijing roast duck

The next dish is "Hou Si Fatt Choy" which consist of 'fatt choi' and 'hou si' (dried oyster). Nothing to shout about this dish just normal. The dried oyster is very smooth and meaty though. My sister sapu (cleaned up) most of them.

Hou Si Fatt Choy

Then came the steam fish Thai style. Sorry, don't know what kind of fish is that. Very nice especially the sauce. Have to order another bowl of rice. LOL.

Steam Fish A la Thai

The second last dish, my sister's favourite, 'Gon Xiu Yee Min' (stirred fried noodle). She had three bowls if not mistaken. I only had one bowl because I already had two bowl of rice. I'm not fan of yee min, so I think it tasted just as any other yee min.

Gon Xiu Yee Min

For dessert, it is red bean with tong yun. Inside the tong yun there's black sesame, yummy. After, the dessert Ruth don't want to sit in her chair and started to stand on the chair. My sister and brother-in-law took Noah to the toilet to change his diaper. So, as Ruth's uncle, I took her down and let her stand on the floor. It was a mistake because once she's step on the floor, she started running around the whole restaurant and I'm chasing after her all around the restaurant. Like a big monkey chasing a small monkey. If I put her back to her seat, she will start to shout and cry. So, I've to chase after her until her parents come back from the toilet.

Red bean and Tong Yun

Ruth giving a thumb up

Lastly, have to thank my uncle for this dinner. Nothing like eating a meal with family.


amb3r1te said...

i know exactly how it feels to have to chase a lil kid around. LOL~

ling239 said...

is that Siakap ? :p

i saw siew yok in your "Hou Si Fatt Choy" hahhaaaaa.....

Simon Seow said...

Amy: yeah, you must have experience to know what is it all about. Sigh, being an uncle is not easy.

ling239: Siakap? Not sure leh, I'm no fish expert.

Wow, you got good eyes. I didn't even notice it. LOL.