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Friday, February 22, 2008

Hair Cut @ The Cut

Taking a break from my Singapore trip post. Last Tuesday, my colleague suddenly want to swap shift with me for Tuesday and Wednesday. Which means, I don't have to work from Tuesday to Saturday. It's like a week of holiday.

Coincidentaly TheNurse came back to Malaysia from Saudi for holiday. Since her boyfriend, TheDoctor have to work, so we went for lunch in Pasta Zanmai, 1 Utama and after that to The Cut in Section 17 for my hair cut. Will post about the food in Pasta Zanmai next, since my previous post is also about food, so don't want to post so many food post in a row.

This is the first time I come to The Cut in Section 17. I've known it for a while already because I come to Section 17 for lunch quite frequently for the Hong Seng's 'siew yok' (Roast Pork). TheNurse wanted to wash + blow her curled hair for dinner and I wanted a hair cut.

Steve washing TheNurse's hair

Steve attended TheNurse and Steven attended to me. Steven asked me how would I like to have my hair done. I just answered, "Short".

Before the cut. That's Steven behind me.

Wash up before Steven lays his finishing touch on me

After my hair cut was done, Steve is still half way washing TheNurse's hair. Now I know why they charge more for girl's hair.

The new and refreshing look

I don't like having long hair. Once the side of my hair touch my ears, I'll go for a hair cut because it makes my ears itchy with the hair touching them. After waiting for another 1 hour more, alas TheNurse's hair is done.

In the dark

Let's there be light

My hairstyle whenever or wherever I cut it will almost be the same style. The only different is the price to cut it. TheNurse told me that it's comfortable having Steve washing her hair, and he blew her curled hair so nice and pretty. She's coming back to have her hair cut and style. Nice right her hair after the wash + blow.

The cost:

Male - Wash + Cut = RM 20

Female - Wash + Blow (Curl) ~ RM 25 (Varies on lenght)

This one salon that charge quite a reasonable price for such a good service. Will definitely come back here again next time. Actually The Cut previously is known as The Dry Cut. They have a few outlets in Klang Valley.


Steven P'ng


The Cut Studio
Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7954 9506


amb3r1te said...

u look much younger and fresher with short hair :D

Kimberlycun said...

looking always look better with shorter hair. your friend is hot!

Simon Seow said...

Amy: thanks. hahaha look much younger.

kim: yupe, always like shorter hair, much more comfortable. she'll be very happy if she know you say she's hot.

Anonymous said...

Cannot la.Must go all the way to malaysia cut my

Anonymous said...

Intensely poor customer service. Hairstylist does not listen to your concern and not very polite. Not enough staff and was charged the same price for just a 5 minutes haircut, without hairwash (due to lack of staff; I would need to wait for at least another 15-20mins for someone to just come to wash my hair after the haircut). Overall, a very traumatizing experience for me

Hair Saln said...

Looking nice! Thanks :)
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