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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

While Waiting For Jay Chou

Last Friday got a SMS from Aaron, telling me that his friend Serene (a local Chinese singer) will be performing at Funkees Kungfu Uth Fest the next day. Jay Chou will be appearing there to promote his new movie Kungfu Dunk.

So, last Saturday I went to 1 Utama around 4 p.m. and meet up with Aaron. Was searching where is the venue of the fest and found out from the customer service that it is outside the main entrance of the new wing. So, off we go.

Stop by at Serene's booth to meet up with Debbie, her agent.

3 on 3 Basketball Competition is going on as well.

I bought a goodies bag and a T-Shirt. That will entitle me a pass to enter the area to watch Jay Chou. Later the entry pass was pass to Aaron. This goodies bag saves the day. Later you'll know.

Pointblanc from Ipoh comes out and perform in front of the entrance with Uncle Ray

Next up, around 5.30 p.m., it was time for Serene to perform. First two songs with her mask on.

Performed the last song unmasked.

Aaron is so happy that his eyes brigthen when Serene mentioned him while performing.

I swore that while Serene was performing, I saw a Cheese passed by the entrance. Then after her performance, I this girl drinking her Starbucks. I think it's Cafe Latte.

Suanie with the 'what cha lookin at @$$hole?' look.

Then, Nic from Nuffnang came up and pass us the VIP passes, that's why I gave my normal pass to Aaron.

Thank you Uth and Nuffnang for this VIP pass.

The VIP pass

Yatz came all the way after travelling from KLIA to Setapak to 1 Utama.

Yatz "smiling" to the camera

I thought I taw a cheesycat. Yupe, I was right there's a Cheese in the proximity.

Ringo and me.

Nothing to do so camwhore a bit lor.

Me in front of the Funkees signboard

Aaron and I

Me and Suanie

So, this is how we killed our time while waiting for the show to start. Next post will be about all of us inside the VIP area camwhoring, watch some performance and see how Big Coconuts fight the sugar cane. Stay tuned.