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Monday, February 18, 2008

Singapore Trip CNY 08 - Uncle's House

Alas, I've uploaded the pics yesterday in a cyber cafe. So, I can now start to post on my recent Singapore trip.

Last Sunday, I tumpang my uncle's car to Singapore when he was back in KL for CNY with his family. He's a dentist in Singapore, and 2 years ago I plucked a wisdom tooth in his clinic. The process only takes half an hour. I can even eat after that. So, actually plucking wisdom tooth is not as terrible as you imagine. For those of you working in Singapore might want to go to his clinic and have your teeth check. He got four clinics operating in area near MRT station. Click here for more info.

I arrived in Singapore about 1.30 pm. Rest in my uncle's house while waiting for dinner time where we'll meet up with my sister, mother and brother-in-law. At, about 6pm, my sister, and my mum arrived at my uncle's house.

Fish Pond in my uncle's House

My sis also brought my niece Ruth and nephew Noah to my uncle's house. Below are some of their pictures taken in my uncle's house.

Noah lying on his father's lap

My sister stop Ruth from going to fair up the stairs

Ruth being manja by my mum after my sister stop her for going up the stairs

After a bit of chatting in the house, it's time to go for dinner. We're going to Jurong Golf Club for dinner. I'll blog about the dinner in my next post, if not this post will be very long and lot's of scrolling. Here are some of the pictures taken on the way to the club and at the club.

I think this is the only picture that I'm in it for the whole trip

My cousin, Andrew Seow

Jurong Golf Club

Ruth being carried by her grand-uncle

View of the golf course

It's almost 7.30 p.m.

Ok, will stop here for now. Stay tune for the next post about what I ate in the club.

A japanese restaurant in Jurong Golf Club


ling239 said...

Both Ruth and Noah are so cute...
girls must know how to manja mar hahahaaaa....

Simon Seow said...

ling, this is just the warm up. there's more picture of cute Ruth

ah_mel said...

OMG... so cute... arhh... i wish i have such pretty daughter in future...

ahlost said...

So cute :P

Simon Seow said...

ah_mel: I think most child that age will look cute.

Rose: yupe. can't have enough of her cuteness.