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Monday, January 5, 2009

2008 New Year's Eve in 1 Utama

In my previous post, I wrote that I might be celebrating New Year Countdown alone in 1 Utama. Well, that's half true actually. I had dinner alone in Dave's Pizza & Vino, it's the last day to try out the Guinness Infused Meal promotion. Will post about it later.

After working from 8pm 30th Dec 2008 till 8am 31st Dec 2008, I went home and slept until 5 pm. Then I drove to 1 Utama to do some banking in HSBC Amanah and dropped by to visit 988 DJs that is doing live broadcasting in Studio V that Cindy blogged about here and here.

They're On Air.

DJ Sam happened to be there too to prepare to be the MC for the countdown party later that night in 1 Utama. I of course, took a picture with her. She's one of the DJ for 988 Hello Morning show, which starts from 6 am to 10 am every Mon to Fri.

DJ Sam of 988

Then DJ Luke took a commercial break from his On Air show K6 Clan. When he's going back to the studio, I manage to ask him for a picture. He's very friendly in person.

With DJ Luke

He later invited me to sit inside the studio while he's interviewing Master Kenny Hoo of Good Feng Shui Geomantic Research. Master Kenny is giving his bazi readings on the birth date sent in by the listener earlier.

DJ Luke also briefly interview me On Air, asking me my name and my new year resolution. LOL. My 15 seconds of fame on local Chinese radio.

Master Kenny, me, and DJ Luke.

Then it's almost time for DJ Anson to take over the time slot. I managed to get him to sign on the 988 2009 CNY album. He's one of the DJ for Hello Morning too.

DJ Anson

Also asked DJ Morna to sign on the CD and of course took a picture with her. She host the Weekend Queen show on Saturday.

DJ Morna

The Christmas tree decorated by Cindy?

It's a very comfortable place to do broadcast.

There's a countdown party in 1 Utama, and Justin Lo (側田) will be performing. Thanks to Charlie, who is working in Digi, we managed to get a good spot in the Yellow Zone. The party is main sponsor is non other than Digi.

Charlie not working but still wearing his employee tag.

Part of the crowd in front of us.

The DJ from 988, DJ Sam, and DJ Luke were the MC and also a DJ from Red.FM. The DJs from 988 also perform two songs from the CNY album, additional to Sam and Luke were Xin Yi, Morna, Anson, and Nick. I took picture with Xin Yi and Nick before in the Yeah! Award Celebration Dinner.

Most of the picture I took didn't turn out well. Here's one of Casey Tse, even though she's from Hong Kong, her debut album is a full Malaysian production.

Casey Tse (謝文雅)

I took a short clip of her performing her new song Fly from her debut album "I am Casey". One of her ballad "学了好久 AKU CINTA PADAMU" is very nice too.

After Casey's performance, it's time to countdown. The fireworks in 1 Utama is programmed to goes off according to the music that goes with it. The fireworks is so damn near that that I felt like the earth is shaking. It's one of the nicest fireworks I've ever seen. Even Justin (側田) said that.

After the countdown, it's time for Justin to perform. He sang songs like "Stuck On Up", "命硬", "決戰二世祖", "情歌", and 2 new songs from his latest album, "三十日" and "未輸". Due to the audiences encouragement he briefly sang two more song "Kong" and "好人" without music.

Stuck On You


DJ Sam ask for encore

After the performance ends I manage to take picture with 988 DJ cum Chief Program Director, DJ Tock Ping (林淑萍), now she only host the "Logon 1001" every Thursday night.

淑萍 jeh, the boss of all the DJs in 988

The traffic is too damn congested to take my car which I parked in 1 Utama. So, Charlie and I walked to his car, which he parked in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail and we went to a nasi kandar restaurant nearby to have supper.

My chapati with daging cincang.

Charlie eating with two forks because the spoons is being washed.

Last but not least. All the best to you all in the Year 2009. Ah, Chinese New Year coming soon. Ang pao, ang pao mari.

Simon Says wishes you all a great year in 2009.


-eiling- said...

Looks like you have a great time there!

Nic (KHKL) said...

OMG! the 988 djs looked the same since the days of redifusion! so cool to have met them!

happy new year, dude!

ai wei said...

happy happy happy new year!!!

Simon Seow said...

eiling: yeah not bad at all

Nic: huh but most of them is after Rediffusion time wor.

ai wei: you too, you too

julian said...

Happy New Year :)

ling239 said...

so i heard Justin causes all the jam!! ^O^

Happy New Year, Simon ^_^

Andrew said...

see you on saturday man! LOL =D better get some rest .. if not u panda eye@! LOL

etceteramommy said...

Oooo.. now I know how the DJs look like in person. :D Glad you had a blast that day.

Happy New Year!