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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Zealand Natural Ice-cream Cooking Workshop

Simon Seow: It's the 2nd day of CNY. How many ang pow you got already?

I got a call from Jen and she inviting me to go to a cooking workshop in Cooking House, which is to use New Zealand Natural ice-cream to make dessert. I, of course happily accepted the invitation.

I didn't quite know the exact location of the venue. Luckily I knew that WMW is going to the workshop too. I called her, and she handed the phone to Teckiee. Thanks to them leading me, I finally able to reach Cooking House. We bumped into David and Jen at the entrance.

Teckiee and WMW already started to take pictures once we reached there.

The ingredients that we'll be using.

My favourite ice-cream. Favourite flavour is Rum & Raisin.

Chef Lee will he the one guiding us.

What's in store for us.

Chef Lee demonstrated to us how to make the base for the ice-cream dessert, which is the chocolate sponge cake and butterscotch cookie. We were then split into 5 groups of 5. FBB, WMW, Teckiee, Precious Pea, BabeKL and I in one group. Having a master baker in our team is a real advantage because he actually delegate works to us, and we work kind of fast. I get to separate the egg yolk and egg white. It wasn't too difficult at all. Our chocolate sponge cake didn't taste quite right because of some flavouring mishap but our butterscotch cookies is one of the best tasting.

Cream made from egg white and sugar. It should stick to the bowl even when the bowl is put upside down. Made by FBB of course.

Look nice but taste er...

Shape weird but taste nice.

After all the baking was done. Chef Lee proceed to show us how to make use of the base to make the dessert from New Zealand Natural ice-cream.

Making Mango Heaven using NZN Mango Sorbet and NZN Mango ice-cream.

They actually pre-made some of the dessert so it's time to taste it all.

Mango Heaven

Mango lover will love this, it's not too sweet nor too creamy. Slurp.

Walnut Butterscotch Surprice

That's the surprice in the middle.

Black Forest cake made from the chocolate sponge cake and NZN BoysenBerry Dream.

Tiramisu, made using NZN Caffé Espresso.

I have never eaten so many New Zealand Natural ice-cream at one go and in such an intresting way too.

Teckiee wanted to be NZN's ambassador.

Joshua, Yat and Serene were there too but they were in another group.

One will not get bore with New Zealand Natural ice-cream because they always come out with new flavour. I have yet to try the Durian Flo which is made of real D24 durian mixed with vanila ice-cream. Heard from FBB the taste is awesome. I will use the voucher given by NZN to taste it and of course my all time favourite, Rum and Raisin. Thanks New Zealand Natural.


SlowCatchUpKuan said...

ta pao haha

Simon Seow said...

lol, i got 3 vouchers, RM 10 discount, free junior cup and buy big tub free small tub. I give u the junior cup lor.

ahlost said...

Eeeee... I also want wei.. Can can can???

Simon Seow said...

Rose: can, you come to KL I treat you.

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

big tub cannot ar haha

Jen said...

argh i'm still envious that i didnt manage to try any of the desserts *consoles self by having an nzn sundae with all the ice cream flavours* =P