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Monday, January 12, 2009

My Pet Dog, Ah Boy

Sorry for the short hiatus. I've been very busy. I was at the Lauching of Nokia XpressMusic 5800 at KL Pavilion.

Then the next day I went to Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2 KL Audition, not to participate but there as one of the official blogger to cover the audition in KL. Intan, Andrew and Satkuru were the other four official bloggers that's covering the audition too. Will blog about the the two event soon.

The judges for KL leg are Julie Wong (CEO of Beautilicious), Elaine Daly and Andrew Tan (CEO of AndrewsModels)

Besides that I joined WMW, CityGal and Jason on a small scale food crawl in Kepong. My teritory, and I didn't even know that there's such place that sells very yummy duck satay.

Duck satay

Back to the topic.

Last week my cousin brought home a wandering dog from my aunt's coffee shop. One of her customer found him wandering on the road and brought him to the coffee shop. We called him Ah Boy. I don't really know what breed is him. Might be a crossed bred.

Ah Boy is quite obedient, maybe because he's not a puppy anymore. He's a very picky eater though, rarely touches the dog biscuit we feed him. Hence he's quite thin for his age.

Ah Boy doing the stretch.

He like to show my his teary eyes when I am eating.

"Give me food. Human food."

Ah Boy licking his er...

Shaking his tail happily. No, I'm not giving you food.

Okay this is a short update and also a teaser on my up coming posts. Stay tuned.


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wah real teaser..a bit of everything 1???

ling239 said...

duck satay... first time i heard leh :p tasted like roast duck ?

Jackson said...

must try the satay!!

jenny said...

Very nice photos :)
Dog Stairs

Simon Seow said...

Joe: yeah, no time to post full one yet.

ling: better than roast duck, trust me

jackson: yeah

jenny: thanks