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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Alliance Credit Card That's You:niquely Yours

If you all have read my post on the Alliance Bank event that I went to, you'll have know that Alliance Bank has come out with a You:unique credit cards that allows you to put your face or any picture of your choice and be printed on the credit card. The picture is subject to approval because no obscene picture is allowed.

As I've mentioned in my post in the event, You:nique is not only about your face on the card. It also allow people like you and me to choose the from three choices of card features, which is Great Rebates, Great Rates or Great Rewards.

Imagine, now if I have two other identical triplet brothers. Eldest brother name is Daimon, the middle, Chumon, and the youngest is Simon, that's me. Our face is somewhat identical, so the picture on the card that we upload looks the same.

Daimon Seow

Chumon Seow

Simon Seow

Even though the design may look the same for me and my two identical brothers but each of us has different personality.

Daimon is very careful in spending when it comes to credit card, he always clear his credit card bill on time. He also like to see hard cash rebate. So, he opted for Great Rebates which allow him to get monthly cash rebates up to 2% on all retail purchases, without any restrictions to petrol, groceries or specific merchants. Daimon spend about RM 250 for petrol every month, and RM 300 for groceries. At 2 % cash rebates, he'll be getting back about RM 11 every month and RM 132 for a month. It might not be much but hey it's something for nothing. He's getting some extra cash just by spending what he must spend on regularly.

As for Chumon, he's a the type that like to stretch his cash to the max to create more cashflow for his business, so he sometimes only pay the minimum. He don't mind paying finance charges. So, he opted for Great Rates, offering a flat finance charge at 9% p.a. which is drastically lower than the current market rate of 18% p.a. Now, Chumon is getting 50% discount from the normal finance charge on credit card by other bank institution. With the extra charges saved, he can use it as a cashflow for his business. Now this offer is very suitable for businessman like Chumon.

Well, as for me, I always like to get as much reward points as I can to exchange for the item that a credit card has to offer. So, the Great Rewards is definitely my choice, which will get all my local and overseas retail purchases except petrol and government agencies will entitle me to 2X rewards throughout the tenure of the card, not just during promotional periods. Now, I can get to exchange items from the catalog in half the time as it normally would take me to do so. So, it means either in a year I can exchange more items in or I'll go for the higher end item in a shorter time than other card programme that I am currently using. This is for as long as I am using You:nique, which unlike some other that only for a certain time frame. Unless, I change it to Great Rebates or Great Rates but I'll stick with this for awhile.

So, even though Daimon, Chumon and I are triplet and look alike and our You:nique credit card also has almost the same look, our card features are very different from each other.

From the example I've given, we can see that You:nique is for the current moment the one and only credit card that give you such flexibility in customizing the look and features. Oh, if you don't want the hassle to upload your picture, you can choose the card design from the photo library available when you start Step1: Design. Please be note that there's a minimum dimension of 1020 x 660 and only in JPEG format for uploading picture.

Upload your own photo or choose from the photo library.

After that, it's time to preview your design on a credit card in Step 2: Preview.

When you're satisfied, and you've read all the terms and conditions. Then check on the check box and confirm your design by clicking on the CONFIRM DESIGN button. Then, this will be the last step, Step 3 : About You. This is where you fill in the necessary details. You'll be contacted to let you know that your design has been accepted.

Just three simple steps to get your own customized Alliance Bank You:nique credit card. Do it before 31st of March and enjoy waiver of RM 38 joining fee and 3 years of annual fees!

*Disclaimer: The information here is only to let the public knows that there's this customizable credit card in town. Please make sure you read clearly all the terms & condition on the Alliance Bank You:nique website before you make any decision.


Anonymous said...

this is the most gay credit card i have ever seen...

KH said...

I hope Citibank will also offer the same service.

BTW, did u really made that card? Ya it sure looks gay. LOL

Simon Seow said...

Edison: so, it got your attention

KH: why wait for Citibank? Apply one now from Alliance. I would like to make one too but currently not qualified yet. Of course I'll choose another picture.