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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Time Out KL: On the Up January

Simon Says: Valentine's Day is just two weeks away. Get your flowers and gift here.

I've missed the one on November and December due to my busy schedule. So, die die also I must make my way to the Time Out KL: On the Up in January. Made my way to No Black Tie after work. Kel Li of course is at the counter selling the entrance ticket. Nigel of course was there to take video and pictures. David, Hsu Jen, Joshua, and Aaron went to makan first before the show starts. Then Yatz came a few minutes after me. This time David's sister came too.

The first to perform is a guy whom call himself 2storeyheart, I heard Two Story High wtf. One thing for sure that his songs is damn boring. It is like the same tune sang in different lyrics. He sang six songs. Oh, the suffer. He sang too loudly too in such a small acoustic venue. He just playing his guitar no need to shout unless there's a band backing you up lah dey.


The next up is BrokenScar and I think people in our table has been waiting for this. After listening to two songs they performed, I know why. They are very good. I even took video clips of them performing but I don't know why I bloody having trouble uploading to YouTube. So, you might want to visit Nigel's blog for more high quality video and the rest of the gang's blog for more pictures lol.

I ordered a bucket of Heineken. Drank 3 bottle, vomited after having food in mamak. Why?

Mood was brought to a slow when Izzy Mohamed performed. Performing slow pieces. Her voice is really jazzy. My kind of music. I especially like the song titled "Pelangi".

Nice to listen to slow music in a dimly lit venue.

The trance techno-ish Secret Love Affair is the last to perform. The vocal is not bad and the music is quite trance, makes me feels like I had 'ecstasy' or something like that. They also did a whole instrumental piece which is real nice.

Let's hope I'll be free to make it to the one on February.


ahlost said...

Why so fast Valentine's Day :(

julian said...

"One thing for sure that his songs is damn boring. It is like the same tune sang in different lyrics. He sang six songs. Oh, the suffer."
Hehe the poor guy if he reads this :)

When is the next one in February?

QuirkyLilPrincess said...

thanks for the mention.david's sis here.i find 2storeyheart pretty ok,guess its just my taste then.the lyrics are actually pretty nice.Brokenscar was awesome!!!