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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Paru Goreng at Teh Tarik Place, 1 Utama

Simon Says: I foresee a 5th By-election is coming. Elizabeth Wong might resign as the State Assemblywoman for Bukit Lanjan. When long will all this By-election shit stop?

Walking around 1 Utama and I have a sudden pang for a glass of teh halia and light snacks. There it was, Teh Tarik Place in a quiet and cosy corner near the entrance to Rain Forest the same floor as Kluang Station which is doing quite a brisk business despite their mediocre food. Opposite 港士港啡 which is quite contrast, while one is serving Hong Kong style 奶茶, the other is serving teh tarik. You can really find it all in 1 Utama it seems.

After ordering my teh halia, I am looking at the menu thinking of what to eat. Nasi lemak will be to heavy because it's just tea time for me, I still have to go to Pavilion for dinner. Then it caught my eyes. Paru goreng - RM 2. So there I put my order to the waiter. He re-confirmed with me, "Paru goreng saja?". "Ya, paru saja", I replied.

Paru Goreng (I got 4 pieces for RM 2)

Not that crunchy because it's not freshly fried for you. Nevertheless the texture of the cow lung is still there. Also the indescribable nice taste that one find the lung. Those that scurried away on hearing the word lung will not know what they are missing here. I will gladly exchange my glass of teh halia for a glass of cold Hoegaarden White to with the paru goreng.

Rating: 3.75/5


Teh Tarik Place
LG335, Lower Ground Floor
Rain Forest, 1 Utama New Wing.

Tel: 03-77266380


ahlost said...

Paru goreng? What's that?

Harmony said...

Strange. never see before.

Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

O.o Fried Lungs!!

jason said..., it was nice?

pikey said...

This is the first time i hear of such food.... interesting.

Jimi said...

paru goreng. it's been a long time since i had one. quite tasty but not good for our body (from what i heard)

Simon Seow said...

Rose: Fried cow lungs

Harmony: It's a Malay delicacy.

Miao: It's an acquired taste.

Jason: nice

Pikey: good, now you know new food

Jimi: All internal organs are high in cholesterol, advisable not to eat too much lol.

Riezal said...

paru goreng is my favourite.. for all of you who havent try yet.. i suggest you try it.. :)

pinksterz said...

i love eating them too! especially with nasi lemak!!! damn nice =P~

Simon Seow said...

Riezal: yupe, one of the best internal organ I've ever eaten.

Pinksterz: yeah, it's either paru goreng or paru masak sambal to go with nasi lemak. marvelous.

NickTay said...

My Indonesian co-worker brought us a pack of deep fried cow lungs that looked like prawn crakers. tasted not bad

sheryl0202 said...

GOSH.......EWWWW sorry I really dare not eat this!

Simon Seow said...

Nick: Wow, deep fried huh, never try before.

Sheryl: tsk, tsk, you're not up to the adventures of food.