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Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Want To Meet Rihanna

I don't listen to English song much but there are a few hit songs that've been playing over and over again in dance clubs that I went to. There's one song that got a very catchy tune that caught my ears. There will be a verse, like umbrella, Yes, you've guess it right. It's the song Umbrella sang by Rihanna.

I watched a few live performances from MTV, and I know why Rihanna is so popular. Her voice has so much energy. Seeing her performing live will be a performance I wouldn't miss if ever I have the chance. Oh, there's a chance now alright. Unless you've been to camping in the forest with no Internet or daily newspaper or TV, Rihanna will be holding her "Good Girl Gone Bad Tour" and RIHANNA LIVE IN KL 2009 will be scheduled for February 13th 2009 (Friday) in Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil.

I found out that Celcom's Channel X MeTV is running a contest where I could stand a chance to win a pair of VVIP tickets for the concert, representing Xpax to meet Rihanna, meet and greet pass, and best of all exclusive invites to Rihanna concert post party.

All I have to do is shoot a video impersonating Rihanna. Like the one below.

So, I called Nigel to help me in this because he's very good with video. We went to Pavilion KL and do the shoot. With David taking photos of me, Hsu Jen help to hold my things and Kel Li singing Umbrella in the background to give me the feel of the rhythm and tempo. There's a lot of people passing by the place where we were shooting but I don't really care and just continue to do my moves. Here's the video we did. What do you think? Am I a Grand Prize winner?

Well, even if this video is not good enough for the Grand Prize, I still get a chance at the 15 x consolation prizes which consists a pair of Rihanna concert tickets worth RM 198 each, meet and greet pass, and greet and send off Rihanna in KLIA.

Think you can do a better video than mine? Well, you can try it out too.

How to do it?

Step 1: Record your best Rihanna video from your mobile.

Step 2: Send your video via MMS to 26388 with RIHANNA typed in your message or subject box.

While to watch, rate & download videos on MeTV from your mobile:

Step 1 : Log on to (from your mobile)
Step 2 : go to Fun Stuff and select MeTV,
Step 3 : click on Rihanna category.
Step 4 : Watch, rate (my video) or download any of the listed video.

It's that simple really. Well except maybe for the part of you doing your best impersonating Rihanna. More details can be found here. Terms and condition apply.


Victoria said...

bring me there!!ahahahah~i love rihanna!!!

Sheryl0202 said...

Good one! Good luck to you Simon!!!

Fuzz said...

Just dropping by to inform you that CoolerClubbers have moved to another site name

Just notice that I need to inform people or no traffic. Something bout Google is based on links etc.




Simon Seow said...

Voxy: Join the contest. lol

Sheryl: Thanks.

Fuzz: No prob.