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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ruumz Lauching at Mist

Simon Says: Anyone seen Victoria and Debra's pet dog Yuki? Inform them if you see Yuki near your place. More details here and here.

After having chili pan mee in Kin Kin and sweating profusely. I brought Zoe Yve to visit Nuffnang office as I've promised her. Then Nicholas say since we're here, why not join the Nuffies to an Ruumz event in Mist, Bangsar later in the evening. Me and Zoe Yve of course accepted the offer. At first I thought Ruumz is a club or something.

We then went to Taman Tayton, Cheras to have duck rice with Sue and Kelvin. Sorry, I forgot the name of the restaurant but they server very nice roast duck.

Rating: 3.75/5

My siew cheong and roast duck rice.

Long time never took picture with Sue.

After the meal, I drove to Bangsar. It's only 6.30 p.m. when I reached there. The event supposed to start at 7 p.m. So, I parked in front of NSTP building while Zoe Yve took her nap because she haven't sleep for 24 hours.

Zoe Yve recharging to prepare for the event.

New Strait Times building

When it's about 7.30 p.m. Zoe Yve woke up and we made our way to Mist. Registered ourselves and got the goodies bag, which in the end we lost it.

Obligatory picture. I'm wearing Crocs to a club wtf.

There's free flow of whisky, wine and beer inside and of course finger food. I ate some of it not too hungry because I had roast duck rice. Not too bad the food.

Then we stop by to ask the pretty Ruumz promoter what is Ruumz all about. Briefly, from what I found out is that Ruumz is like an online portal providing service such as photo printing and music downloading and you pay for the services by buying Ruumz points. If you print photos worth more than RM 35 (about 80 pieces of 4R size picture), they will deliver it to you FOC. Not too bad, I got loads of picture that I need it to be in hard copy.

Zoe Yve listening attentively.

I didn't pay too much attention because I was busy taking pictures.

I saw some familiar faces down stair.

I met many new and old faces that night. I of course camwhored with them.

The most active blogger currently. You see him everywhere. Huai Bin.


I always like to camwhore with Ginny. I see her in almost all the event I went.

Friends of Ginny. That's her hand in the back. -_-

Rachel has been camera shy nowadays.

Mellissa, she called me when I was watching movie from her Nuffnang office lol. She's going back to Melbourne soon. Gonna miss her.

Carol, new nuffy in Nuffnang.

Vernice, Firdy's protege.

Pinky, she's continuing her study in Melbourne. Gonna miss her too. T_T

Robb is straight? Nah.

Nicholas, thanks for inviting.

Timothy has to rush back early.

Pietro, DJ for the night.

Sorry but I was too high to remember the name of these two hot girls.

This one I can remember because she's Nuffnang Feb 2009 featured blogger. Her name is Tzia.

Tock Tock brought his hot colleague Katherine with him. Lucky guy.

Then Pietro start to spin the wheel and most of us went down to the dance floor and dance away.

I like Pietro's music, so retro.

Firdy, Zoe Yve and Robb having fun. Are we sure that Robb is not straight?

Intoxicated look.

Having one with the hot MC of the night. She's tall.

Pleasant surprise to bump into Elaine. Good, I didn't manage to take pic with her during the MDG 2 KL Auditions.

Long time didn't bump into Amanda, so that I night we took quite a few pictures together.

Well, I had fun that night except for a little mishap that happened to Zoe Yve. You can read about it in her post. Will surely print my pictures through Ruumz after I've chosen the picture that I want to be in hard copies.


Baby said...

what do you mean by straight?

-eiling- said...

Guess you're right. Now we see Huai Bin EVERYWHERE! You also everywhere what!

Sue Me said...

Yea..long time never take picture with u. LOL..

Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

how could you forgot the names of the two hot girls @@

Actually I'm bad at remember people too XD lol

Simon Seow said...

Baby: As in not gay.

Eiling: Me? Not that active anymore.

Sue: yupe

Miao: Too many there to remember lol.

kennhyn said...

wow, so many hot chic, I will be that happy too... and they all are holding heineken, chic with beer... awesome!

Missyve said...

Ah, was internetless for a few days so i just saw this post. Don't blame yourself for my bag laa, it's my fault for not bringing it to the toilet -.-

Uh, well, had a fun time with you!

andrew lee said...

hey simon,

thanks for mentioning ruumz in your blog & we hope you like our services.

do check out online photo printing & music downloads at

ruumz team

~Christine~Leng said...

one of the 2 hot girls u mentioned is my fren ;P

Andrea's her name ^^

Simon Seow said...

kenny: ah, awesomeness

Zoe: thanks

andrew: you're most welcome

Christine: ah, thanks, now I remember hearing that name. lol. such a small world.