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Monday, February 23, 2009

Pepper Lunch, Pavilion KL

Simon Says: This is something similar to what I'll be going to do for the next 20 days or so. For mine, MY FM is the organizer.

After having teh halia and paru goreng for tea, I headed down to Pavilion KL from 1 Utama. I am meeting Nigel in Pepper Lunch for dinner because he'll be helping me to shoot my Rihanna impersonation video that night.

The first time I tried Pepper Lunch was in Singapore early last year because at that time there's no outlet in Malaysia yet. As Jeroen commented in the post, they are opening in KL soon. Yes, he's right. They opened their first Malaysian outlet in Pavilion KL, which don't surprise me. Seeing food chains from Singapore opening all their first outlet there such as Food Republic, Ministry of Food, Dainti Hill and etc.

The outlet here in Pavilion KL is bigger than the outlet I went to in Singapore. Yes, we got the luxury of space here, so don't envy us Singaporean. LOL. Just kidding. Ahem. Let's get back to the main topic.

Well, one thing I don't envy being a Malaysian is that our spending power is low comparing to our friends from across the Causeway. While it cost only SGD 9.90 for a Weekday Lunch Star Deal set of Pepper Steak that comes with rice and a soda, it cost RM 30.80 for a Pepper Steak and rice here in Malaysia. You have to top up RM 2.50 for a soup or a soda. Even if converted back to Malaysian Ringgit, it's still cheaper to eat in Singapore. If one is earning Sing Dollar then it's even more affordable. Sigh.

The ordering is the same here. Place your order at the counter, you'll be given a number to place on your table, and then they will serve your order. This time I ordered Hamburger Steak with Fried Egg (RM 21.80).

Instruction of how to cook your Pepper Lunch.

Spread the butter evenly on the Hamburger.

Instead of the normal garlic or honey sauce, I was advised by the staff there to pour the French Onion sauce. I call it that because it tasted damn like French Onion soup, only thicker and saltier.

Pouring my sauce after the needed done-ness is reached.

Taste wise, it's not too bad but it still can't beat Pepper Steak that I had in Singapore. Didn't know what hamburger can go so well with rice. It must be the sauce. It's quite fulfilling too with the fried egg, bean sprout and corn as the side. Wish that they will come out for set lunch that is much more affordable. If not, I think they won't last very long in Malaysia.

Rating: 3.2/5

Down it with rice not fries.

Even though it's not what I was expecting as the one that I've eaten in Singapore but with the eating with a company of fun loving friends more than cover the flaw. Thanks David, Hsu Jen, Kel Li, and Nigel for helping me making the Rihanna video.

One of the scrapbook


Pepper Lunch
Lot 1.54 Level 1
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
No. 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 603-2141 0228
Fax: 603-2141 0998

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susan ho said...

YUM... I remember Pepper Lunch Singapore... I went there last month only lehh... to me damn good lo for the price there... but the price in malaysia... wahlau ehhh... then I need to reconsider whether I wanna wait til the next trip to Singapore or not lo... lol... We Ipoh gals damn sayang wallet 1 lehh.... hehehe... unless got people belanja la... *hint hint*

Nigelais said...

Anytime man.

David Cheong said...

no problem dude haha!

Copykate said...

haven't get to try it. kinda pricey yea X(

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

yeah man..damn exp for wat seems to b fast food teppanyaki..

Jeroen said...

Hi Simon,

Good to hear PL opened already and i am glad you tried it. The concept should click with Malaysians just like it does here in Manila. Maybe the price is higher then you expect but PL also imports the sauces and special butter from Japan and the meat from Australia etc. Product quality is of high standard and we got to keep in mind as well that Pepper Lunch is fast service & fun dining, not fast food ;-)

Cheers man, one day we will meet!


mimid3vils said...

More expensive than Teppayaki ler o.O''

Simon Seow said...

susan ho: no prob one, if you're in KL just give me a call, I sure will belanja

Nigel and David: woot!

Copykate: yep, not your normal value food here.

Joe: Jeroen says it's fast service lol

Jeroen: Ya, I know the quality is of high standard but for the average Malaysian this will be consider maybe once a month kind of splurge and with the current economic situation, I don't think many people are willing to splurge like that too often. Unless the franchise owner has deep pocket to pay the rental and wages, if not I don't see that there they will enough business to surive in Malaysia. Do mail me if you're in town.

mimid3vil: yupe, not the value meal type of thingy.