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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mos Burger & Pepper Lunch

The second day in Singapore. My sister is going for a routine check up in Gleneagles Hospital, so we took a taxi there from her place near Simei. Her examination will takes about 2 hours. I didn't wait for her and took a bus down to Ochard Road.

At first, I plan to stop at Takashimaya but I'm not too familiar with the bus stop in Ochard Road, I stopped at one or two stop before Takashimaya, which is Isetan Scotts. Time is around 11.30 p.m. and I eat breakfast. I went inside Isetan Scotts to look for food. There's a McCafe there but I don't think there's anything good to eat. Went to the lower ground floor and I found this.

Since MOS Burger is no longer available in Malaysia, so I think haven't a MOS burger is better than McD's. I went in and order a Unagi Rice burger. It's your normal grilled unagi with the Japanese sauce and shredded seaweed clamped by the rice pieces. You'll have to wait for your order to come because I think they will only make it when you order. That's why I got a No.2. The burger arrived still warm. It only cost $ 3.70 (RM 8.29). The unagi is so soft and juicy. The sauce tasted just right with the balance of saltiness and sweetness. Give me seaweed anytime. Yummy!

Rating: 3.5/5

Warning on the wrapper

MOS Unagi Rice Burger

Of course, the burger is kind of small and will definitely not enough to satify my gluttony. Just happen to be opposite MOS Burger is this.

Pepper Lunch!

Another franchise that is not available in Malaysia. How can one resist the steak on that poster? Best of all, it is Monday and it's nearly 12.00 p.m. which entitled me for this promotion.

For only $ 9.90 (RM 22.10)you'll get a Pepper Steak (Normal Price $13.90 steak only), soft drink and rice. Pepper lunch uses selected New Zealand beef and their pepper is freshly grind every day. Only the skin of the peppercorn is used to make the pepper.

Since it's 5 minutes to 12 p.m. and the queue is not very long, I am qualified for this promotion that limited to 30 sets per day only. Monday is Pepper Steak. I made my order and the counter and pay. A tag number will be given to you.

My receipt. I'm tag no.9

I waited for about 10 minutes and my Pepper Steak arrived on a flaming hot teppan.

My Pepper Steak is cooking up smokes

You spread their special pepper butter on the steak and then let it cook until the right doneness you wanted and you pour the special sauce to cool down the teppan and stop cooking.

The way to cook a Pepper Steak

Special garlic sauce, special soya sauce and pepper

Checking the doneness

I like mine medium-well, so I let it cook a bit more and then pour the special garlic sauce.

My medium-welldone Pepper Steak

The steak is so tender and juicy. The sauce goes well with the steak. It's so good to eat with rice. The beansprout also very crunchy and fresh. Didn't know that a fast food steak can taste so good.

Rating: 3.8/4

Pepper Lunch Logo

That's my brunch the second day in Singapore, a MOS Unagi Rice Burger and Pepper Steak from Pepper Lunch. Both are franchises that are not available in Malaysia. I am quite full already but in another 2 hours time later, I'll be eating again. That will be in the later post.

Hint: It's Japanese again and this time it's pork.


ai wei said...

my oh my. both are so new!!! sigh... never ever will be in msia, i guess. cannot have them... iks

Simon Seow said...

ai wei, go to Singapore and try lor. Take bus only 4 hour an a half only, very fast.

ling239 said...

hmm... ur medium well looks medium oh :p

Simon Seow said...

That pic is just checking whether it is done or not. I put it back and let it cook. I didn't know have to pour sauce to stop it for cooking. So, my steak came out well done.

ling239 said...

not bad... can do testing some more hahahaaaa....

Scenting Asia said...

i know this is an old post but i can tell you that Pepper Lunch is entering Malaysia pretty soon. I own pepper lunch in the Philippines and they told me that they will open in KL this year

cheers and happy eating

Simon Seow said...

jeroen: oh is it? thanks for the good news, I also heard Krispy Kreme is coming to Malaysia soon. Can't wait.