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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kenko Diet Plum

I'm still in Singapore today. Change my departure from Wednesday to Thursday, which happens to be Valentine's Day. Looks like I'll be celebrating V's Day on the bus with my Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows. Bought it in Kinakuniya in Takashimaya. Cost only $19.90 compared to RM 89.90. Also bought The Kite Runner, which they have made it into a movie. Read the review about this book is good. Will read it after I finished the last book of Harry.

For posts of my Singapore trip will have to wait a few more days after I come back and get things organize. Long vacation made me lazy. LOL. So, think of clearing some backlog before I move on to my Singapore trip.

Remember I mentioned the business deal that I have with Ken and Ringo? Well, it's not much like a big business deal. Ken happen to be the supplier of Kenko Diet Plum that Ringo has been consuming to keep fit and that day Ken happen to be there too and he happened to have a few boxes of Kenko Diet Plum in his car. So, I just purchased a box from him. It's been quite some time since I trying to get a box after I read about it on Ringo's blog.

Ok, here's what the box looks like.

Inside the box are the plums packed in small packets.

Open it up, and you got yourself a Kenko Diet Plum.

It doesn't look appertising but it tasted just like your normal seeded plum except that it is drier and a little bit bitterish. Don't worry, it's sweet more than bitter. I think it is because it contains Pu Er tea as one of the ingredient. Eat two to four plums after your dinner. It's what's written at the back. For me, I eat two after each of my meals. I found that after eating the plum, I'll be a bit heaty, so must drink more water when eating this plum. I also see that I'm going to toilet for big business more often. I used to have difficulty doing business in the toilet but after eating this plum, it's a lot smoother.

I didn't take the Kenko Diet Plums with me to Singapore because travelling mah, fuck the diet. Will continue to eat the plum when I get back to KL. Let's see if it will shed off some kgs from me or not. For those that will like to know more details, you can go here.

Ah, the clock struck 12 midnight already, Happy Valentine's Day <3 ;)


amb3r1te said...

happy valentines day!

ling239 said...

Happy St Valentine's Day ~ ^_^

after all the makan i think u need four plums after each meal... XD

ah_mel said...

diet... lost kgs...
aiyaya... all these capture my eyes... quick quick... faster finished it and share with us...


Simon Seow said...

Amy: Happy Belated V's Day. Got secret admirer. Means, you're attractive.

ling239: Ya, I think 2 plums not enough after the heavy load I put in during my trip to Singapore. Will post about the trip soon. Got some nice food.

mel: I didn't quite stick to the routine so might not work so well. Will try to shed off 1 or 2 kgs lor.