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Sunday, February 8, 2009

988 CNY Concert at Bren Mall, Kepong

Simon Says: Just found out from FBB's post that my picture appeared in Kosmo! A popular Malay tabloid. This reminded me that I was featured in KLue Magazine last month.

118 (18th of Jan 2009), that 's the date 988 held their CNY concert singing songs from their CNY album at Bren Mall, Kepong. I got tickets which I found out that one doesn't need it at all. Sigh. I went all the way to their office in Jalan Pahang to get it.

Anyway, I didn't take any video or pictures of them performing. It's nice to listen live. I especially like Danny One singing "12 Astrological Sign", a CNY song that's in R&B style. He sang the song with Desiree Tan, Xin Yi, KK and Luke. Lucky I brought my 988 CNY CD with me because after the concert there's an autograph session. I already got May, Anson and Luke's autograph. So tonight I can complete the collection lol. Almost complete that is, there's still 4 more that I haven't get because Tung Xin can't make it there that night and Jeff, Kien and Jack is now working for 988's new rival Chinese radio station, One FM.

I took pictures of the 988 DJs and singers while queuing for my autograph.

There's more than 10 different autographs I can get here.

Desiree is so camera sensitive that she knows that I am taking picture.
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Danny One and Luke.

I got a picture with Luke in Studio V at New Year's Eve.

Nick and Danny One.

Now that Jack and Kien is in One FM, I wonder what will happen to JNK.

Cheryl Lee Xin Yi (李欣怡) and DJ Morna

I've taken picture with Xin Yi in the Yeah Awards Dinner last year and picture with DJ Morna recently at Studio V on New Year's Eve.

DJ May and DJ Sam.

I've taken picture with DJ May in the Yeah Award Dinner and DJ Sam in Studio V at New Year's Eve.

DJ Anson and DJ Jiu Yuet (Autumn Moon lol)

I took picture with DJ Anson here.

DJ Jia Yee and DJ KK

I bumped in to KK when I went to the The Forbidden Kingdom press screening.

A lot of people brought their CD with them.

DJ 淑萍. She's also the manager for the DJs.

Second time meeting her and took picture. Ther first time was here.

Many fans still lining up for the autographs when I was about to leave.