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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tonkichi @ Takashimaya, Singapore

After my sister did her checkup, she joined me in Takashimaya and brought me to Tonkichi for lunch. Tonkichi is a Japanese restaurant specialize in Katsu (Deep Fried Pork with bread crumbs) managed by Pokka Food. Here, they have katsu so many style and set. You can also choose premium pork instead of your normal pork but of course there's premium price to it.

The menu

Since, I had a heavy brunch and 3 takoyakis. I opted for Katsu Salada (Deep fried pork chop salad) whiles sis ordered Katsu Loin Set (Deep fried pork loin set), it comes with rice, miso soup, cabbage slice and a daily dessert. Sis upgrade the daily dessert, which is orange to coffee pudding with addtional $3 extra.

Interesting thing about eating here is that you'll have to grind your own sesame to eat with the katsu. So, I smashed up the sesame with the grinding stick till the sesame turned to powdery form. Add some sweet & sour thick Japanese sauce to the sesame so that you can put it on the katsu.

The sesame and the stick

Smashed and grinded into powdery form

My katsu salad came with wafu stlye salad dressing, which consist of vinegar and soya sauce mixture. First I ate a piece of katsu without any sauce. Yummy. The bread crumb is so crunchy and the meat is so tender and juicy. Then I added some sesame powder that I just smashed and mix with sweet & sour sauce. This added a new taste for the katsu with the fragrant from the sesame and the sourness from the sauce. The seaweed, lettuce, and the cabbage blended nicely with the dressing. The cabbage is crunchy and sweet eaten on its own.

Katsu salada

My sis' kastu set comes with cabbage slices which have unlimited refill. You can ask them to refill the cabbage slice until you are satisfied. I think the raw cabbage is use to cool down the effect of eating the deep fried katsu. The set has the same cutting of pork so it should taste the same. I didn't try my sis' katsu set.

Katsu with loads of cabbages slice

Katsu salada:

Rating: 3.5/5

My sis says the coffee pudding is not bad, a recommended upgrade from your normal daily dessert. If I remember correctly, Tonkichi is at the 4th floor of Takashimaya.

391 Orchard Road #04-24
Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Tower A, Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872

Tel: 65-6735 7522
Fax: 65-6735 7523