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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Envy @ Nuffnang Pajama Party

Continued from My Lust, here 's My Envy post on Nuffnang Pajama Party. While most of them is not as handsome as me. Most of them are popular and handsome bloggers.

I reached Barok Borneo Club at about 5.45 pm with my 'date', Amy . Of course it's quite early not many people are there except Nuffnang's staffs.

Handsome Robb that sent the invitation to all the Nuffnangers.

The hardworking co-founder of Nuffnang, Rolly Polly Timothy.

The Nuffnang co-founder from across the Causeway, Ming. Picture courtesy of Kid Chan Studio.

The ever so friendly Marketing Manager, Nicholas.

That's the hot and pretty handsome and smart Nuffnang team, now we move on to handsome and smart bloggers. Although the Nuffnang's team are also hot and pretty handsome and smart bloggers but I have to differentiate the host and the guest mah.

Kevin Tan, handsome and smart. He got straight As' for his STPM, wtf.

Barney Yatz, only manage to capture his feet, forgot to shoot his face.

KY, the food lover.

Kid Chan, thanks for taking the photo of me and FA.

Chris Tock, look at that chest. Don't pray pray, been going to the gym.

YapThomas pointing to the Energizer Guy. Thank you Rojaks for taking this picture.

She looks like FA, pose like FA and drinks beer like FA but she's not FA. She's He's Eyeris.

Roshann, the envy of all guys. Dawn Yang kissed him twice T_T.

Please ignore the pretty girl on the left. Let us focus on Big Coconut Kenny Sia.

The every so funny, MC of the night, Liang. Boss Stewie smiling so happily behind us.

So many handsome and smart bloggers that night, I can't take pictures of all of them. David Cheong was moving around snapping photos, so didn't manage to take a picture with him.

Lastly, I will like to thank Nuffnang for inviting me to this great party. Great job the gang from Nuffnang has done here. Pleased to meet everyone that I met in the party.

Tomorrow will be last post on Nuffnang Pajama Party, the Event. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

alo kawan... that IS FIREANGEL under that mask in that picture.....

Simon Seow said...

Cool down la kawan, it's just a joke, I don't think ppl will trust me.

§pinzer said...

hello kawan! why my nice big hairy chest there one? haha! thanks for putting up the photos!

KY said...

hairy? @.@

Anonymous said...

Seem interesting the pajama party.
I just cant imagine how would it be if I able to attend it...u know i sleep in an underwear only....haha...just kidding.

Simon Seow said...

Chris: Kawan, I didn't see any hair wor.

KY: ???

amei79: Wear your underwear and a T-shirt lor.

Copykate said...

hey i'm linked? lol.

kevin got straight A's for his STPM?? ahh smartass!

and why is robb's pic the 1st? so gay. sud post up his half-naked pic XD

ai wei said...

wow, this seems like a cool party wer...

Kevin Tan said...

eee my pic is here!
darnit i need to bring a camera next time.

the A's got 1 hyphen la...

Simon Seow said...

Kate: haha, thanks and welcome

ai wei: yes, is the greatest party I attended yet. Heard next year will be held in Singapore.

Kevin: You should, I have to steal my cousin camera for this wtf.

Got hyphen also an A la. CGPA above 3.5 wor.

Anonymous said...



Wingz said...

oi not fair lidis la! u tarak tenkiu me for taking your pikture with thomas wan wei! lol

Simon Seow said...

Michelle: Of course, it's chance of a lifetime. Might only be able to see her in next year's Nuffnang annivesary. I might not be invited by then.

Wingz: Can't access your profile la. Can you send me you link then I can thank you. By the way, your profile pictures doesn't look like you.

Wingz said...

eh .. thats me b4 my plaktik surgelee la! lol

Anonymous said...


Nice meeting you again!

Simon Seow said...

wingz: oh, so you're movie star previously.

kid: Pleased to meet you too. Thanks for all the photos.