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Friday, March 21, 2008

Breakfast in Imbi & Lot 10

Last Saturday morning due to the anxiety waiting for the Nuffnang Pajama Party and shifting from night shift to morning shift, I woke up at about 6 in the morning. Listen to the radio for half an hour, then I drove myself down to Bukit Bintang because at 10 am there will be an event outside the entrance of Sg. Wang, will blog about that later.

The event that I'll be at in 3 hours time.

I reached Jln Imbi at about 7 a.m. and park there. Free parking mah. At first I was thinking to have Bah Kut Teh for breakfast but thing it's too heavy a meal. So, I went to a coffee shop opposite the famous bah kut teh restaurant. The restaurant name is Restoran Mei Sin.

I settle for a bowl of pork balls ho fun. The special thing about this stall is that you can had fried intestine which other pork balls noodle stall don't have. So, I added the fried intenstine. Cost me RM 5 for the bowl of noodles. Consider normal for eating in the Golden Triangle.

I ordered the dryversion.

Pork balls in soup.

Ah, the fried intestine.

The taste is normal,better than the average but not the best in town. The Chinese sausage taste not bad, and the fried intestine is crispy and flavourful. The stall also sell intestine soup and belly soup. There's also a stall selling curry mee and dry curry mee which seems delicious but I can't eat too much.

Rating: 3/5

After that, I walked to Sg. Wang Plaza and take a few pictures. There's still not many people in the area, it's only 8 a.m. Shops are not even open yet. Then I walk to Pavilion and then from Pavilion walk back to Lot 10 and from Lot 10 walk back to Pavilion. After that much walking, I feel I have to sit down and rest. Starbucks don't serve breakfast so it's not value for money to drink coffee only. Coffee Bean's breakfast is not ready. So, I went to the San Francisco Coffee outlet in Lot 10.

8.45 a.m. in Lot 10, so quiet.

They opened at 7.30 a.m. and they serve breakfast set which comes with refillable coffee or tea. So at about 8.45 a.m. I ordered Coddled Egg set, and they are serving Brazil coffee on that day. The set is RM 8.95 before tax.

The breakfast here is 1 or 2 ringgit cheaper than Coffee Bean.

My Coddled Egg set.

Comes with a cup of free coffee that is refillable.

The egg is not as liquid as half-boiled egg and enough to dip the toast into the yolk and eat. Still I think I prefer the set served in Coffee Bean, Mont Kiara. Still if you're here in the morning and want to eat breakfast quietly, the San Francisco Coffee in Lot 10 is a good choice.

Rating: 3/5


ling239 said...

fried intestine in pork ball noodle? first time i see leh....
but usually i will go to the corner shop along Jalan Imbi next to Sakura.. there also serve very good pork ball noodle and pork noodle, do try that out next time u are there ~ ^_^

Yatz said...

wah..makan so much..

Michelle Chin said...

Fried intestines in pork ball noodles!! ARGH!

YOu make me wanna cry in the middle of the night.

Simon Seow said...

ling: ya I know that shop serve better pork ball noodle. I've tried it before. I want to try different shop in the area mah.

yatz: not much la.

michelle: why cry?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

eh shud try their ipoh chicken hor fun? or the pork noodles..better 1s kua..

Monica said...

eh, why so lonely? ;-)

Holly Jean said...

wah... the fried intestine looks damn GOOOD..... can post to me in SG? :( I so hungry.

fatboybakes said...

where's this shop? not the one opposite the open air square off jalan imbi is it? (the square that become a hawker centre at night).

the intestines look divine. greasy or not?

wah, 7am eat pork balls, 8.30 am eat coddled eggs and toast. you must have the metabolism of a furnace.

Simon Seow said...

joe: yeah, if got chance will try.

monica: because you're not there.

holly jean: lol, Singapore no fried intestine?

fbb: no, this is the one opposite 7-11 that next to Soo Kee.

I walked 2-3 rounds so all that exercise made me hungry again.